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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New York’s Best AirBnBs

Accommodation costs in NewYork, reportedly the most expensive city in the United States, are quite steep, especially if you’ve set your sights on a hotel in Manhattan. Another, relatively cheaper and comfortable, alternative would be to rent out a holiday property from those listed on AirBnB. You still may have to spend as much as $200 a night, but with the entire apartment or home to yourself, and minus the limitations typical of hotels, it may well be worth the expense, especially when travelling with friends or family.

Impressive AirBnBs are available throughout the city and rentals vary based on the location and the size of the property. Staying at a central location makes it a tad easier to explore the city without losing time and money on the commute. 
Comfortable Holiday Apartments

Some of New York’s best holiday apartments are located in Williamsburg, Gramercy Park and Museum Row. They promise spacious bedrooms, sunlit interiors, beautiful views, convertible spaces, and private scenic backyard spaces, which are, really, a blessing in this busy city. The restored Sea Captain’s House, dating back to 19th century at the Brooklyn waterfront, the compact and richly decorated apartment close to the best museums of the city, the more modern duplex apartment, yet again in Brooklyn, and the large apartment at Gramercy Park, with a more impressive roof deck, offer a best mix of comfort and facilities.

Large Independent Holiday Homes

 Affordability is indeed the key when it comes to choosing an accommodation in New York, be it luxury hotels or AirBnB homes. Sprawling spaces, impressive decor, scenic settings and private backyards are but a few of the characteristics of holiday homes in the city. The townhouse at Tompkins Square Park with a roof top patio is a luxurious retreat and so is the townhouse at Midtown, Manhattan that spans three whole floors. Large homes prove ideal for those who can afford rents of nearly $1000 a night and wish to travel in style. They prove equally comfortable for people travelling in groups, with the added convenience and security of being housed at the same place. Sharing the cost is a great way to experience staying in luxurious settings, if, of course, you are comfortable with the idea.

Luxurious Penthouses

For those accustomed to the ultimate luxury of being above the rest of the world, penthouses are available for holiday rentals, and AirBnB features some of the best, both contemporary and historical. For instance, this penthouse in Harlem is a 19th century structure neatly spruced up to meet contemporary tastes, while the one in Flatiron District offers impeccable views of the Empire State Building from its private open balcony. Privacy, comfort and spectacular views from a penthouse are a great way to admire the high-rise buildings in New York, if you can foot the bill!

Renovated Loft Spaces

 Neatly renovated and aptly furnished loft spaces, with large windows and ample room prove both appealing and comforting. Be warned, loft rentals are by no means cheaper! The lack of visual obstructions does create an illusion of space, but some of these lofts, such as this one in Soho, actually spans a 3,000 square foot area. One other impressively styled loft space on the Lower East Side boasts stunning views of the bridges at Manhattan and Brooklyn.

There’s no dearth of accommodation in New York, but it is pricey. Renting just one room for less than $100 instead of renting out an entire apartment can cut costs though. New York’s AirBnBs may still prove a better deal, however, as they often turn out to be a home-away-from-home for travellers visiting the city.

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