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Monday, January 16, 2017

UTOPIA RESORT AND SPA | A Sweet Low-down Weekend at this Quaint Hideaway in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera used to be a familiar place I associate with sublime white beaches almost devoid of structures – where me and my buddies from UST Mountaineering Club would pitch our tents over a stretch of fine sands with only a lone house standing in the middle. “A German owns that house” I remember a friend telling us. Our campsite then, situates on a beachhead that leads to the foot of Mount Malasimbo – where we would day trek before we retire back to our tents. For three to four days, our group and nobody else would exist in sheer delight on a place everyone calls as Talipanan beach – which those days back in the late 1990’s, was a picture of isolation. I would come back many years later only to see numerous new resorts erected all over rendering the place almost unrecognizable. Since then, I see Puerto Galera as that distant friend, who once possessed a benevolent silence meant for listening to one’s thoughts, while offering a haven for nature lovers – but has now grown into a wild child catering to a more party atmosphere.  

The well landscaped grounds of Utopia Resort and Spa

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pedicab Tours | A Unique Way of Exploring New York City's Central Park

In the urban park of the “City that never sleeps”, you can tour around by foot, bike, pedicab and horse carriages. When you find renting a horse carriage a bit expensive, traveling by foot or pedaling a bike exhausting, then I’d suggest taking a pedicab ride. So, below, I’ve listed the things you may need to know, as well as tips on how not to get ripped off, when you take a pedicab ride in Central Park:

Monday, January 2, 2017

Travel Bucket List | Distant Places to Visit

When I started this travel blog back in 2007, my wanderlust was set upon exploring all 81 provinces of my country; the Philippines. Almost a decade later, after good karma and travel Gods blessed me with bounteous opportunities of planting my feet to a number of Asian countries – and even flirting with the African continent, via a brief trip to Egypt - I realized that I shouldn’t limit my travel goals within a singular continent. Travel far and wide, as most would say. So here I am now making my own bucket list and putting it all in writing for myself to dream, that someday I shall also experience stepping over the soil – frozen or scorching – of these beautiful places located far, far away from where I now roam. Get ready to feel the fernweh.


Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons