Used to be the center of economics in both the post war and pre war Manila. It was said that SM founder Henry Sy started selling shoes at this historical avenue. But that was the so called “Kopong-kopong Days”. 

Today Avenida was somehow rescued from total oblivion during the late 90’s when as a UST student myself I have witnessed the erosion of the place, it’s like a total ghost town back then. Mayor Lito Atienze somehow brought back some color to it, albeit some architectural design flaws, it can be improved much better. Still and more importantly it had renewed vigor and the place are now livelier than before.

It’s not Disneyland or some European walkway where you can sip coffee and talk to your girl like Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy. Avenida has its charms totally different from the others. I can say it borders from exotic, to chaotic to serene. I take long walks here sometimes just in order to get my mind back. Of course I do it with one eye around me. Thieves are everywhere and they do exist in Avenida also.

It’s much safer than ordinary Filipinos would think. I know that mindset of thinking about crowded places being a hum drum of criminality. Where else can you find a more exotic locales in the city, where they sell cheap ipods, a blind Bob Dylan guitarist belting out classic Pinoy blues, a pub house and all that comes with it hehehe.