Makati City on a Sunday Afternoon

Went walking around Makati City, the business hub of the Philippines as they say – one Sunday afternoon after I got done with my work shift. It feels a bit eerie like you’re in some zombie – end of the world movie, comparing Makati during weekdays to a Sunday is like day and night.

There are too few people on the streets, with almost all establishments closed down, a few cab drivers trying in vain to pick up passengers, security guards and a few wanderers like me were the only walking and moving figures I encountered.

on an empty street, biking seems to be a good idea

on an empty street, biking seems to be a good idea

The towering buildings seems like ghosts bearing shadows upon us.


Rush hour in Makati during weekdays was like “every man for himself” with regards to riding a bus or flagging a cab, Oh no not this day though.


The pay phone booths are lined up and are all “pretty vacant”.


You can call whoever you like, politicians, enemies of yours or some random person and shout the hell you want and nobody will bother you.

pick up the phone bitch

pick up the phone bitch


Do we just had a zombie virus outbreak that I missed knowing about?


Anyway I’m out of here.


On the other hand, a jumper might not create too much traffic jam this Sunday afternoon.