One of my favorite places so far is Quiapo, located in the heart of Manila its the place where people converge with each other. The religious ones, students, leftist militants , hookers, junkies and the occasional thieves which scares those whom have never been to this place before. Generally a safe haven for blokes like me. I feel more secured rummaging around this place than lets say Greenbelt in Makati. I’ve scored over two hundred pirated DVD’s in this place. Sue me for buying pirated stuffs.

@Quiapo underpass

I remember during my college days me and my friend Jacob would skip school and instead spend our day just walking around Quiapo, sometimes we would buy hard to find cd’s by bands like Pennywise, Sham 69 and Bad Brains. Jacob got all of his original Clash cd’s from this place. At that time it is priced at 250.00 each, cheaper compared to the 450.00 price that record shops at the malls are charging.

Bottomline; I love going to these kinds of places, Cubao, Divisoria, Quiapo and Avenida, its very much alive, the people, the historic old buildings, the city itself, this is not some pretentious place like Rockwell or Greenbelt which is awash with fake plastic people…
I am still looking for a girl who would go out on a date with me and go strolling in Quiapo mindlessly.