I go to and from work by taking the LRT. Everyday it brings different experiences although at first glance it might look like a re-run of the previous day, but as the saying goes “You can’t cross the same river twice”. Same with my Trainspottin experience I guess. Each day there are an abundance of moments that I witness that are worth pondering about. From the grumpy passengers, sleep derived zombies rushing for work, lovers in tight embraced, lost Korean tourist, old lady waiting to be offered a seat ( to no avail ), beautiful girl waiting to be offered a seat ( she waited for 10 seconds before someone offered her a seat ), to myself, minding or haplessly trying to while away the 30 minutes I spend on each trip. Sometimes peering over my shoulder to read SMS exchanges of the passenger seated beside me, but most of the time I pretend I was a newcomer in this city, trying to appreciate the blurred scenes I see outside the train window, the Pasig River, National Museum Building, the abandoned Metropolitan theater, the torn down old GSIS building adjacent to SM Manila, the Luneta Park, old haunting relics of Avenida…Everyday I passed through them and all the time I find myself wishing for a change. An improvement of sorts…

fisheye view inside the LRT

Well I think I had to wait up for those changes or forget about it as I had myself to change first….