Underwater in Coron, Palawan

One should not forget an underwater digital camera when one would go snorkling in Coron, Palawan. There are many snorkling areas all around the Calamian group of islands. Feeding fishes in Siete Picados with bread, you can easily attract lots of them, the coral reef at Twin peaks, a snorkling area between two small islands and at the back of CYC beach also boasted some of the finest corals.

We didn’t have an underwater digital camera, we rented an underwater film camera with only 27 shots, we should have brought extra films for it.

Here’s some of the shots we took.


For others who may want to explore World War II shipwrecks in the area, an extra 2K will give you an opportunity to dive in to these spots. I’ll probably try that next time, this time we just enjoyed a day of snorkling around Coron.


Sunburned and all after two days of island hopping and snorkling, all doesn’t matter as Coron, Palawan will be among the place I’d definitely come back to in the future.