Postcard Series: Pure Massacre

Unknown to many, Corregidor was also the site of an infamous event in our history; The Jabidah Massacre, which happened sometime in 1968. A group of Moro Muslims were recruited and then shipped into the island to undergo training for a top secret operation called "Merdeka". The mission's primary goal was to instigate dissent by fighting the Tausug and Sama groups in the island of Sabah, in preparation for its take-over. When the recruits found out the real nature of their mission they started demanding to be returned home. The Military fearing the whole operation will be uncovered, lined them all up in the airstrip one morning, while the clueless young men dazed at the sweeping scenery of the sea, a hail of machine gun fire erupted which massacred them. Everyone died except Jibin Arula, who managed to jump off a cliff and survived to tell the grizzly tale.

This image shows the graffiti written by one of the Moro recruits at the wall of the hospital ruins which they used as  barracks. Inscribed on Jan. 3, 1968 days or months before the massacre are the words "To ill is Human, To Forgive is D(e)vine".