Coming Soon on NE along with the Writing Mojo

As you all know (yes, I'm talking to my seven readers) I am a professional hitman by day and a furlough traveler in between. Its been a while since I wrote about a trip of mine and the result was a semi pile-up of what we "bloggers" calls as "backlogs". As if someone will fire our asses if we fail to meet deadlines for such ludicrous bragging articles. Yes, we term it as "articles" because "blog post" seems so silly and sounds lacking in importance. Anyway, whatever our own purpose on why we travel and rush back to writing about it, may be is irrelevant. One thing for sure, doing so spreads the gospels of travel. For every one bitter reader who will spit vile at me for being such a brag, another five or six will move their ass and work harder, while packing their bags and forming an idea to head out to some of the places I wrote about. Achieving that, brings forth a different kind of pleasure. So, while waiting for my writing mojo to come back, here are what's coming soon at Nomadic Experiences.

Bagan, Myanmar

I wasn't really keen on visiting this country. Not after I saw John Rambo obliterated hundreds of Burmese soldiers in the last (hopefully) Rambo film installment. Okay, the headlines had me listing this country near the bottom of my Asian bucket list. But, through friends of mine who went to Myanmar the last few years, I got inspired and slowly penciled a trip to this once mysterious nation. As luck would have it, a few of my travel friends devised a plan to go there. Things happened so fast and with the help of seat-sales and a thirst for temple run adventure, off we went to Myanmar early this month. I could spend the rest of the year at home (which I won't) and still be pleased with how 2013 turned out to be, just because of the experience I had traveling to Myanmar. 

Thanaka Smiling Faces of the Burmese People

First thing you will notice at the Burmese people aside from their smiles are the patch of light colored particles plastered on their cheeks. It's called Tha na ka, derived from the tree of the same name, which they grind and mixed with water, to come up with a cream-like texture and is applied on their faces as a means for sunlight protection. I had the easiest time haggling souvenir items, because they are just so accommodating and friendly. I want to write a lengthy blog post article about the people I met and saw in Myanmar during my brief visit.

Yangon, Myanmar
This former capital of Burma (current capital is a tongue twister Naypyidaw), was a charming surprise. To describe each Southern Asian cities as 'same same but different', Yangon justifies that thought as it brings a unique atmosphere which compliment its familiar Asean feel perfectly.

Biri Island, Northern Samar

My first trip of the year 2013. I was by myself and no one to share the experience with. Probably the only downer moment of my journey. Everything else was as picturesque as the rock formations, carved through a thousand years by the unforgiving waves of the sea.

Nature and Food Tripping in Capiz

Along with other travel bloggers and the tourism staff of the province of Capiz and the city of Roxas, we hiked our way to nearby waterfalls and caves, in between feasting on seafoods. Marquez decked Pacquiao  out cold during that weekend, still, It was something to remember for a long time and deserves a spot on this blog.