Sihanoukville, Cambodia Best Beaches

Fellow traveler Milda contributes an article to Nomadic Experiences and shares her favorite beaches in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Some of Cambodia’s best beaches are located in Sihanoukville, which is located on the coast of Cambodia. The town is surrounded by beautiful beaches and more than 12 islands you can hop across to. You can travel to the islands by water taxi where you can go snorkelling, fishing and diving. There are some rocky beaches and others filled with soft white sand. Sihanoukville, located in the South of Cambodia is perhaps best known for its excellent beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

Serendipity Beach
A lot of the beaches are quite similar, fairly busy with lots of tourists, but there are also a couple of quieter beaches for those who want to get away from the crowds. The tourist industry in the area has grown as more people come and visit the area to appreciate the beaches. The best time to visit Sihanoukville is from November to February. If you are planning to stop by in Sihanoukville here are some of the beaches to visit.

Occheuteal Beach
Occheuteal Beach
Occheuteal beach is located on the East side of town and it’s one of the most popular beaches. At the beach restaurants here you can get barbeque food, Western dishes and Khmer dishes. The beach has a lot of bars so if you fancy a few drinks by the beach this is the place to be. There is a lively party atmosphere as most of the beach bars play music and it usually quite busy. It's a great place to watch the sunset and party into the night. You can rent sun loungers and grass umbrellas so that you can get a bit of shade from the hot Cambodian sun.

There are also a lot of Jets Skis and boats for those who enjoy a bit of an adrenaline rush or love water sports. You will probably get approached by hawkers selling bracelets, fruit, fish and massages, but this is common on most of the local beaches.

Ogres beachside beach
Ogres beach is one of the 2013 Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards Beach winners, a title it truly deserves. It has a tranquil, relaxed vibe that is very different from most of the beaches further north. If you just want a quiet chilled out day on the beach then don't miss out on Ogres beach.

Most visitors say it is the best beach in the area, far away from where the tourists are. Here you can enjoy stunning views of the nearby islands and watch one of the best sunsets in Cambodia. Sit in a hammock with a drink in your hand and look out at the bright turquoise waters. There are some delightful bars and restaurants along the beach in case you get peckish during the day.

Serendipity Beach
Serendipity beach is a tourist beach, similar to Occheuteal beach. It is very busy and packed full of Western style bars that sell mostly BBQ food. If you do want to stay in this area you can get great rooms right on the beach. It's an ideal place for backpackers, travellers and people wanting to absorb the local culture. The beach can get quite loud in the evening as the parties begin to start so avoid this time and visit earlier in the day if you want it to be a bit quieter. There are also shops and people trying to sell you things on the beach, but you get used to it after a while.

Victory Beach
Victory beach is a short walk from Victory hill and its one of the most popular beaches on the West side of town. It was named after the Victory monument towards the middle of the beach. There is a pier where you can go on a range of boat trips to the islands. The sea is clear and blue and the beach if full of white sand. Victory beach is another good beach in Cambodia to see a spectacular sunset. There is a casino nearby and the beach offers lots of activities for those wanting to do something active. The beach is known for being a backpacker beach but now it is growing in popularity, more tourists are heading there.

Independence Beach
Independence beach is one of the quieter beaches in Sihanoukville. There are some restaurants and bars to relax in and also a private hotel beach. Independence beach gets its name from the Independence hotel located on the beach. Here you can enjoy long stretches of sand and a range of watersports. If you don't fancy the crowds at some of the more popular beaches such as Victory or Occheuteal then you can unwind on the quieter shores of Independence beach. Keep an eye out for the monkeys who appear in the late afternoon trying to get food from the tourists and locals along the roadside.

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