Trying To Reach The Long Mile-End Of Montreal

A guest post from the eclectic woman behind the Epic Potato travel blog. Finding herself transported to Montreal after a-many-epic trips over rugged terrains and sunny islands in the Philippines. Lauren takes her detective skills in this French speaking city filled with diversity and snow. Her whimsical narrative gives this blog's readers a zesty lusting to feel what its like to discover every nooks and crannies of a new city.

I wish i can show you a time lapse video of the quad polar city that i have been happily calling home for the last 6 months now. But i don't have the patience to stand for 6 hours on a freezing roof top or an expensive camera with HD video to spare. But don't worry! The best of Montreal can be felt in the vibe of the city, something that's a bit hard to put in photographs or motion pictures but i'll try my best with a chimerical narrative.

Let's start with my favorite place, the Gay Village! 

<em>*EDITOR's Note: Section Deleted*</em>
Montreal is a melting pot of cultures, where people from different nationalities migrated to seek a better future. It's the entire premise of Canada that started when Jacques Cartier sailed on 1534 to discovery the New World. Today it's considered as a place where a traveler can find a charming glaze of old time's glory still tucked in between the cobblestone pathways of Old Montreal. 

Shopping By The Numbers
My Mom said Outlet Stores and Liquidation Sales for marked-down branded items are the Mecca for most Asian (ehem: Pinoy) tourists, and while it's nice to find a 5$ Nike Air Max, Dolce and Gabbana parachute pants or the hot red Louis Vuitton nipple tassels like the one Diyonne (Celine Dion impersonator) was wearing in the Gay Pride parade last fall <em>*EDITOR's Note: Picture Deleted*</em> some people would rather get lost inside the enclaves of a warm second hand bookshop and inhale the sweet-musty smell of stories told by artists who walk the Earth with a pondering percipience.

Faith In A Collective Sigh
I've always held the notion that gravity pulls you a little closer to the ground when inside a Holy Dominion. Since Roman Catholicism has always been the predominant faith of Montrealers it's conclusive that the beautiful Churches this city has isn't only a testament on Faith but of History itself. An interesting piece about St. Joseph Oratory is the hundreds of canes left in the entrance of the 1st level by people who miraculously regained their lower limb strength again but Church officials offered no reply when asked how many of then danced to the song "I'm a Believer" right after.

I found it perplexing how some of my classmates detest the Transportation System in Montreal because riding the Metro (underground train) has certainly been one of the highlights of this city, given that every single station has a different architectural design. It makes me love being a tourist in my own city and not getting pissed off at the little idiosyncrasies of life. And the music players in the stations are amazingly talented, it makes me a bit reluctant that i once wanted to bring an accordion to get a few tax-free bucks on some tone-deaf commuters.

This city may have frigid, holy crap my blood/booger/saliva is freezing temperatures during Winter. Hot and humid Summer days (14 in a year to be exact) and a number of gloomy rain showers during Spring. But you'll learn to love the weather when the city boasts of other great things like artistically done graffiti, student-discount bus cards, potholes on the roads, friendly people who always say Bonjour and plenty more to keep a whimsical travel blogger with ADHD mentally satiated.


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Lauren is currently living the comedy premise of a socially awkward person forced to redo her studies in a same-same-but-different school environment. She always looks for an excuse to go to a new place and have amazing PG-13 adventures. Sometimes when prodded she blogs about it on She's nicer and louder when offline.

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