Packing tips for Long Distance Travelers

Traveling around the world and discovering new places is always a great experience and the perfect way to open up our minds and become better persons. When you get the chance to travel, just take it! Pack your bags and leave, because there are plenty of things you need to see and learn in life that you can’t just learn on your couch at home. So before you book your trip and hotels from leading online booking websites such as Traveloka, let’s get ready for a long distance journey with a few packing tips!

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The important stuff
First, if you are planning to visit the other side of the world, you’d better book everything in advance. One of the most popular destinations for Pinoy travellers (except the Philippines of course) are the USA. And one of the most visited US States is Florida, with a many famous cities such as Miami attracting tourist from all over the globe. So should you be thinking of a trip to Miami, take a look here to find many accommodation options before you leave and check that your identity card, driving licence and credit cards are still valid and accepted in the country you are going to visit. Check your visas and eventual travel documents required. You don’t want to finish all your money or meet the police in a foreign country, do you? Before leaving, take some time to email yourself all the important information you might need if something unexpected happens while you are away.

Make a list
You are going to be far from home for a few weeks (maybe months) and there are a lot of things you might need and that you probably risk to forget, so make a list! You will see that, a list is always very helpful – this is a good example for your inspiration when creating your own list. Try to think about all the things you use every day, things you cannot live without, things that you can leave at home or easily find at your destination, things that are necessary while on holiday. Then, start to fill up your bag.

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Rule number 1 when travelling abroad and on a long distance is packing light. You cannot bring your entire wardrobe with you, so you need to select the right clothes and accessories to put in your bag. Choose clothes that you can easily mix and match to create different outfits every day and avoid bulky items that just take up all the space in your bag. Also, remember that if you have some space left, you can always fill it up with new clothes from the best boutiques in your destination.

Do some research before leaving and choose your footwear accordingly. Bring a pair of very comfortable shoes to visit places and walk around in the morning and a pair of more classy shoes if you’re planning to spend the night out in a fancy restaurant. Don’t forget to bring a pair of plastic sandals that you can use in the shower or swimming pools area and that you can just throw away before going back home.

Don’t forget to save some space for some extras! If you’re going to a place in the sun, bring your sunglasses and small hat to protect your from the sun and always use sunscreen to avoid sunburnt. Take your camera with you and don’t leave at home the charger or it would be useless! Check in advance if you can use your phone abroad and in other continent or you won’t be able to call your loved ones at home. If you have a smartphone, download maps on your GPS app but also e-books, movies and games to enjoy the flight or the ride and never get bored!