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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To Afford To Travel The World

Traveling the world is typically seen as the exclusive domain of the very rich, but in reality, any one of us can afford to explore the world if we follow the correct advice! With the right amount of planning you'll be able to get hotels and transportation on a budget or find special occasions that will allow you to see places without a financial strain. There are many important tips you should be following in order to make your trip affordable and the most enjoyable, and here are some of them. Read on to learn more about how to travel the world!

Saving Money

While this tip may seem obvious to some, there are ways to bolster your saving capabilities. Take a look at your monthly expenses and see if you can get rid of some of your highest recurring bills. You'll also need to set a definite date for your trip, so that you can have an end goal in mind. Those who wish to spend their lives traveling are not able to live off savings alone, which leads us directly into our next helpful tip:

Working Abroad

There a wide range of jobs that allow a person to live abroad and make a living while doing so. People who want to travel the world without ending up penniless can get a job, for instance, with an airline or a cruise ship company. Those who like spending time with children can become an au pair, which will allow them to get a free room and meals. The truly resourceful are able to create jobs for themselves. Use your abilities, which might be as basic as being able to speak English, which will help you make your way into a number of different professions, including teaching, blogging, editing, busking or selling artwork. If you have a skill, there is always a way to market it!

Be sure to collect as many points as possible when staying in hotels, as these can definitely be used to save you money at a later date. Using booking websites can also help immensely and you will find that the price of a hotel room tends to vary based on the site you're using, so make sure you compare the details from different sources. For instance, vacation rentals are increasingly common as a budget option for lodging, but travelers should do their research before booking, as these types of accommodations can vary greatly from place to place. You might also find information about the site you'll be visiting in travel guides – it never hurts to have a non-digital source with yourself at all times, especially since it won't cost you much with the discounts you can find on Abebooks and other stores.

Spending Less On Travel

Take a look at your current credit card and see if you can't make the necessary changes to start acquiring free travel points. You'll also need to be smart about the timing of your travel booking. Purchasing a flight tends to be much cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and weekend bookings should be avoided at all costs. Buying your ticket several months in advance is your best bet!



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