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Thursday, June 10, 2010

555 Rice Tuna: The Ready ‘Food on the Road’ for Travelers that Fits the Budget and Inside the Backpack Perfectly

Ever since I decided on becoming addicted to traveling I also swore to pack light all the time. Gone are the days of packing big Tupperware consisting of rice and a viand. In today’s hectic manner of going from one place to another, travelers such as self-described backpackers would often prefer something compact, easy-to-open-and-eat food on the road. 

Canned goods are out of the question as they take up space and would require additional load in the form of can opener. This is the reason why Century Pacific Food, Inc’s new product; the 555 Tuna Rice is welcomed fervently by travelers yearning for an emergency source of nourishment on the road.

The easy to open packaging comes in a stand-up foil pouch designed specifically to consume less storage space in your backpack. Making it easier to bring wherever you travel, whether it be hiking, city exploring or beach bumming. 

“The new 555 Tuna Rice remains true to what 555 Tuna is known for—delicious, home-cooked ulam at affordable prices. But this time, we are bringing more to the table—all your favorite dishes complete with rice in one convenient pack so you can have a delicious, filling rice meal anytime, anywhere!” says Greg Banzon, VP and General Manager of Century Pacific Food, Inc. “With the new 555 Tuna Rice, everyone can now enjoy the healthfulness of tuna and rice, with the goodness of home cooking, all in an easy-to-open, easy-to-carry pack”.

I first brought a few of these Tuna Rice with me during my recent weekend trip to Lake Caliraya. Although, we were served a delicious home cooked lunch, the moment we hopped into the Jetski and enjoyed the water sports activities at Eco Saddle, we quickly found our energy sapped to the brim. 

It was then that I would enjoy the benefit of having a handy 555 Tuna Rice as a source of instant protein and carbohydrates. A quick merienda meal of the Adobo flavor quickly recharged our energy and afforded us the gas to do another round of frolicking in the still and glassy waters of Lake Caliraya.

No wonder fellow travel junkie, Bogart the Explorer is endorsing this product. According to the press release of Century Tuna in introducing Bogart as the face of the product; “Wherever his adventures take him, he’s sure to have a pack of 555 Tuna Rice ready when hunger strikes! Watch out as Bogart the Explorer shares his latest adventures online and in billboards and banners, bringing with him the different 555 Tuna Rice variants to make his exploits more fun, energetic, and deliciously interesting!”

555 Tuna Rice comes in these delicious varieties: Tuna Rice Afritada, Tuna Rice Adobo, and Tuna Rice Sisig, each one capturing the essence and flavours of real home cooking. And with a suggested retail price of Php 27.50, you are assured of real value for money that’s easy on the budget. 555 Tuna Rice is available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores in Luzon.



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