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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keep Calm and Travel On

Chasing the sun in Asia or other countries in Europe and South America is pretty much a full time job. It is never where you expect it to be or there long enough for you to enjoy it. Therefore if you wish to take time off during the summer and feel some warmth, the best advice is to either buy a camper van with good heaters, or pop on a plane and go abroad.
Lauren of epicpotato.com always travels with a calm attitude

Whether you are planning for an Asian holiday, Egyptian getaways, and summer escapades in the Philippines or Spanish vacations, you can bet your bottom dollar that these countries will receive more rays per hour than our green and pleasant lands do in a month. And that’s why sun-worshippers from all over the world flock to these sun drenched destinations.

If you decide to visit one of these warm and welcoming resorts, make sure you do your research by reading traveler reviews as well as scouring the informative sites such as Wikipedia, to get an idea of the local points of interest. The rest is just a few clicks away making online bookings extremely easy. Matador Network and CNN Travels, not to mention; countless number of travel blogs and many of the main travel agents can offer plenty of advice on destinations that suit you and where best to warm your cockles, whether it is a last minute autumn break, some winter sun or if you are planning ahead to next year.

Package holidays are still alive and kicking after many years of existence and their popularity is stronger than ever. They can offer a whole range of accommodation to suit all types of pockets, from the frilly to the faux fur lined. Plus you’ll usually benefit from online discounts too. All in all booking through the web has become one of the easiest and, as we live and travel in different destinations, travel booking websites such as Traveloka and TripAdvisor help us greatly in planning our dream trips. 


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