7 Advantages of Staying in a Crete Villa Rather Than a Hotel

Along with being the largest and most popular of all the Greek islands, Crete is a magical tapestry of stunning beauty. With exotic crystal waters, soft white and pink sand, rugged canyons, majestic cliffs and ancient treasures, Crete is the perfect holiday destination. Whether you are on a family holiday or looking for a romantic getaway, Crete has something to offer to everyone.

Hence, the only question that remains is this – where will you choose to stay during your vacation to this enchanted island? A private luxury Crete villa or an impersonal all-inclusive holiday resort?

While all-inclusive holiday resorts and hotels do offer certain convenience such as 24/7 room service and restaurants/bars in easy reach, luxury Crete villas will truly make your stay more magical and memorable.

Here are the top 7 advantages of staying in a Crete villa rather than a hotel.

1 – All the luxuries you could want

Imagine staying in a villa with a private balcony and an infinity pool where you can lounge or swim whenever. Crete villas come with separate private bathrooms, large living areas, three or four bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and all the modern luxuries you could want for a perfect vacation. Compared to hotels, private villas offer an exclusive luxury with private chefs, personal butlers, drivers, housekeepers, etc.

Even if you can’t simply stroll down to the spa in a villa, your personal butler or house staff can easily arrange for a masseur to come to you.

2 – Much more than a room with a view, Crete Villas are a truly unique getaway

While many hotels are located on scenic beaches and bays, you are likely to only have a single window through which you can enjoy the view in privacy. On the other hand, luxury villas provide spectacular views which you can enjoy from your private balcony, poolside or deck. Moreover, private villas are also able to secure more exclusive beachfront and cliff-edge locations where you’ll have the best sunset views you can’t help but take a photo of.

3 –Unmatched privacy and flexibility

Small, shoe-box hotel rooms are slightly more inviting than the waiting areas in airports. With hotel staff coming and going, noisy HVACs and crowded receptions, bars and pool areas, even luxury resorts can be irritating. If you have a large family, children or a group of friends you will need your privacy and extra space. Furthermore, staying in a hotel also means that you have no choice, but to follow its schedule for meals, gym, housekeeping, even the pool times etc.

Crete villas offer unmatched privacy and flexibility - your children can run around the villa without complaints from your neighbours, you can swim or use the gym anytime, cook whenever it suits you, etc. As villas are essentially your private home, you can have the deck, poolside and parking all to yourself. These are not only less noisy, but also the perfect place for spending a relaxing vacation with your friends and family.

4 – Want to travel with your dog? No problem, Crete villas are also pet friendly

While there are many hotels which will accommodate your pets, it can certainly be a chore to find one. Additionally, even hotels which allow pets have a number of rules which you have to follow. If you want to travel with your cat, dog or any other pet, then Crete villas are the perfect option for you. Your pet can roam freely around the villa without any added cost or restrictions. However, not every villa will be pet friendly so you need to ensure you check beforehand. You can find Crete villas on this website by ticking the ‘pet friendly’ option in the tailor your results section.

5 –Less expensive than a hotel or resort

Considering the amenities and the space available, luxury villas offer greater value for your money compared to hotels and self-catered holidays always have more benefits in comparison to staying in a villa. For example, all Crete villas come with a fully equipped kitchen– this means that you can buy your own groceries from local vendors and cook yourself as opposed to eating out three times a day. This will save you considerable money, especially if you are a large group of friends or family.

Furthermore, if you are travelling with friends you can easily divide the rent and cost of food – it will definitely be less expensive than booking 4 separate hotel rooms.

6 – Home comforts

A private luxury villa can become your home away from home. Unlike impersonal hotels, villas come fully equipped with whatever you need – television, Wi-Fi, kitchen appliances, laundry facilities, games, books, magazines or whatever else you need for a perfect holiday. These amenities not only make your stay more comfortable, but also significantly lower your expenditure.

You can easily cook in your private kitchen as opposed to ordering from room service and explore local ingredients from local markets. If you don’t wish to cook, you can easily opt for a private chef who can conjure up local delicacies or comfort food from back home.

Hence, in a private Crete villa, you can the best of both worlds.

7 – More space for you, your family and friends

Crete luxury villas are generally more spacious than even the largest hotel suites. You can have all the space you need to stretch out and enjoy the perfect vacation as opposed to staying in a cramped hotel rooms with limited space and shared bathrooms.