5 Must-Visit Destinations in Africa

Dishing a plethora of adventure destinations, it is no wonder many travelers are constantly dreaming of someday stepping foot in the African continent. Africa in particular, is a great starting point to kick off one’s worldwide exploration. Whether it’s swimming off the coast of Mozambique, climbing to the top of the impressive Table Mountain or simply witnessing the natural beauty of Dune 45 in the Namibian desert, you’ll be able to see and do so much before you’re ready to call time. To help you fill up your African travel bucket list, we list down five of the must-visit destinations in Africa.

Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe)

Anytime you lay eyes on the world’s largest waterfall, it surely equates to an amazing experience. Stretching 1,708 meters in length and towering 354 feet, the sheer size of Victoria Falls also produces a deafening roar heard from far away.

Photo credit: John Walker / Wiki Commons
The locals refers to it as “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, which means “smoke that thunders”.  Visitors who were fortunate to have seen Victoria Falls up close, would agree in calling it as one of the world’s greatest nature attraction.

Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

Climbing Kilimanjaro is akin to being at the rooftop of Africa – literally and figuratively. Towering above sea level at 19,341 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest in the African continent. A hike to the peak of Kilimanjaro will take you to five varying natural environments, all equally spectacular in sight.

Photo Credit: © Sergey Pesterev / Wikimedia Commons
The trail jump-off starts at the the tropical rainforest covering the foothills, passing through coffee plantations. The second environs comprises of a cloud forest where you will encounter a number of fascinating wildlife animals such as monkeys, deer and many species of birds.

Once you break into a higher altitude the landscape of the sloping hills becomes covered with large boulders.  A day later and you will be finally greeted by an alpine scenery of solid snow glaciers upon reaching 5,000 meters.

Sahara Dunes (Morocco)

Photo Credit: John A / Creative Commons
An unforgivable landscape besieged with a bipolar climate that causes violent sand storms is also one of the most beautiful in the world. Thanks to tour companies that set up a passable and safe route from the town of Zagora, visitors can enjoy safari and camping trips to the magnificent sand dunes of the Sahara. Riding a camel and passing over the sweeping slopes of the Sahara makes up for one memorable experience.

The Great Migration of the Wildebeest (Kenya and Tanzania)

Photo Credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen / Creative Commons
Imagine witnessing millions of wildebeest joined by hundreds of thousands of zebras – as they all make their way from Serengeti in Tanzania towards their migration destination in Maasai Mara in Kenya. It could very well be one of the planet’s ultimate wildlife spectacle. The migration happens all year long but reaches its peak sometime around July to August.

Cape Town (South Africa)

The African continent isn’t just about wildlife and the great outdoors. Cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town – which blends nature, art scene, rich culture and modernity, also merits a must-see distinction.

Photo Credit: Andrew Massyn
At Cape Town, one can practically do everything from enjoying the surrounding hiking trails such as the Table Mountain to surfing the beach and feeling the artistic vibe that prevails in the city’s many snaking streets.