Where to Go When Visiting Mykonos

Mykonos in the last decades has been one of the most famous worldwide destinations with a big variety of 5-star Hotels and impeccable Mykonos villas for rent which can assure you a unique staying experience. After choosing your ideal type of accommodation, the following are the best options for entertainment spending lovely moments in Mykonos’s vivid day life and nightlife. From the busy area of Gialos to the unique beauty of Little Venice, Mykonos Town boasts quality hangouts for all tastes and hours of the day, with special surprises. 

You will find a lot of cafes, bars and clubs on your own but here is a list with the ones that you shouldn’t miss, as they are the latest meeting points of the island.

·       Scarpa bar

The location is Irresistible, the cocktails are impressive and the DJs on the decks are some of the most famous on the island.

In Little Venice, one of the most photographed places in the world, Scarpa has been gathering its fanatics for years. It is a bar that immediately strikes you with its distinctive atmosphere and character and has been established as one of the best cocktail bars on the island.

You can come here in the morning to enjoy a great breakfast, coffee or juice. However, the best time to visit is at sunset: with a colorful cocktail at your hand and Little Venice at your feet you can watch the orange sun diving into the Aegean Ocean.

·       Moni club

The club’s signature is “more than a family” and of course there is a reason. Moni is a relatively new entry in Mykonos’ nightlife but has managed to show great success. It was founded by a group of international “Mykonians”, passionate fans of the island that were meeting every summer in Mykonos. They decided to set up a place where all their foreign and local friends would feel like at home.

Moni is located at Agia Moni Square, near the church with the same name. It is somehow small, so it would be a good idea to book well in advance.

·       Galleraki

Until 1989 the building was the gallery of a famous Greek clothes designer, Mr. Galatis. Its name means “small gallery”. Noticing the great location and orientation, a young local decided to turn it into a cocktail bar and since then Galleraki has become one of Mykonos’ hot spots.

The best seats to enjoy the sunset are at the balcony and the must-have cocktail is “Katerinaki”. The recipe is secret, but it is said that people book a table here even one year earlier – just to taste the famous signature cocktail.

·       Caprice

Located near the sea in the neighborhood of Little Venice, Caprice is a bar with good music, exotic cocktails and stunning views. For over a quarter of a century, Caprice is one of the most popular hangouts to watch the sunset on the island, with its tables offering great views to the Windmills and the sea. This bar is extremely popular among Greeks but also a hot spot for the rest of the tourists. You will here.

Here you will see famous movie stars, celebrities and jet setters dancing late at night to the freshest beats of dance music. Caprice is open daily from 18:00 to 4:00.

·       Buddha bar

The world-renowned Buddha Bar chain opened its first beach bar at Santa Marina Hotel in Mykonos, at Ornos Beach. This spectacular venue combines style, music, gastronomy and the art of cocktails in a very sophisticated way. During the summer, well-known chefs alternate and create dishes and menus with mixed flavors and ethnic influences that keep the spirit of Raymond Visan (founder of the Buddha Bar chain) unchanged.

Buddha bar combines the Eastern philosophy with the Greek islands way of living. It is a perfect place to have a meal or a cocktail, to enjoy the great views to Delos or even dance at night on the beach, as it organizes a lot of events and parties.

·       Cavo Paradiso

It is located on the left side of the hill at Paradise Beach and is one of the most famous clubs in the world. Every year, the world's most well-known DJs march from its decks and fans of the electronic scene gather by hundreds on its floors.
The historic club has been recently renovated with white colors, impressive mosaics on the floor and a boat-like DJ’s deck. It is open all night, from 23:00 to 08:00.