Math, IQ and other Board Games to Play During Travel Downtime


Traveling isn't always about adrenaline rushes; sometimes we get stuck in wandering purgatory, unable to achieve anything. When we're waiting for a delayed flight or in the middle of a long bus or rail travel, we always struggle to entertain ourselves. While I always prefer reading a book (mainly travel books) to pass the time during these monotonous periods, I've realized that playing basic, yet engaging online Math, IQ and board games adds an extra entertainment value that helps me deal with the so-called travel down-times.

When you finally board your plane but not after a three-hour wait

If you're looking for something to do other than read a book to pass the time on the road, I hope these highly engaging games from Calculators Org, a website I discovered with a number of quick-loading games, might provide you with some temporary entertainment.

Online 3D Rubik's Cube

Who doesn’t like solving a Rubik’s cube? I always bring one to school when I was a kid. However, now that I’m traveling an actual Rubik’s can occupy additional space on my backpack. Imagine my relief discovering this online game — a 3D version at that. Just drag your mouse to move the cube when using a laptop and just flick your finger on the screen when using a smartphone. It’s that easy, handy, and accessible all the time.

Play an Online Uno Card Game with Friends

This game kills the loneliness when you find yourself having to wait for your connecting flight or train ride for hours, as it allows you to play the all-time favorite Uno Card Game with your friends.

Instead of playing solely against machine opponents, this version of the game allows you to play against friends from all around the world straight in your web browser. Choose how many people you want to play against, generate a room code, share it with them, and play as much as you want. You can play against one, two, or three friends. Games can be played with or without score.

Single Player Master Online Chess Game

Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit made a chess enthusiast for many of us. When on the road and during downtime moments, a game of chess helps sharpen the mind and liven up the mood. I like connecting to this game whenever I can just to test my chess skills against a novice or expert computer.

The Challenging Game of Ludo

Another favorite board game from my childhood can also be played nowadays online. You can have up to four players use one computer / laptop to play or choose to play against three computer players. This is a good ice breaker of a game to play with new friends you meet on the road hanging out in a backpacker hostel.

Guess Who?

Brush up your method of elimination with this fun game perfect for playing with kids. This is another engaging game to play with your children during travel downtime. The colorful characters and their varying personalities and appearances adds entertaining value to the game.

These are just my top 5 picks from the aforementioned website above. You can choose from their other games listed here.