Financial and Business Simulation Games to Play During Travel Downtime


It's not always exciting to travel; sometimes we feel like we're in a state of limbo, unable to move forward. We never know what to do with ourselves when we have to wait for a delayed flight or are in the midst of a long bus or rail journey. While I do enjoy reading a book (typically one about travel) to pass the time during these stretches of boredom, I have found that playing simple but entertaining online games that simulate the financial and business worlds has helped me better endure these so-called "down-times" while traveling.

I found a website called Mortgage Calculator Org that has a variety of quick-loading games, and I was hoping they could provide you with some brief entertainment if you're bored on the road and don't want to read a book. Here are five of my favorite games to play:

Coffee Shop

Instantly reminding me of the simulation games on the earlier days of Facebook, specifically Restaurant City, this game however is now more advanced and more entertaining. The goal of Coffee Shop, a one-month simulation game, is to maximize profits by managing a fictional coffee shop.

Players in this game optimize their inventory management, cash flow, pricing, and coffee recipe for the day based on the forecasted weather conditions. In this simulation, the number of coffee orders placed increases during the winter and decreases during the summer.

This game introduces kids to business fundamentals such as stock management, pricing, strategy, forecasting, and even interpreting simulated customer feedback.

LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect

Players aid Mayor Solomon Fleck in constructing a LEGO metropolis by erecting a variety of structures that generate tax revenue that may be reinvested in additional city infrastructure.

You have a lot of options in this game. To do this, players must construct the many sorts of structures required to make a thriving city and search for hidden mini pieces that can be utilized to construct the various types of buildings found in each zone.

Assist the Mayor in collecting taxes from each structure to pay for expansion and new housing. You'll need to save up enough LEGO studs to purchase the structure and any requisite minifigures. Unlock the city's six districts by populating each one with 25 structures.

Angry Boss

If you have some pent-up feelings about your boss at work, then playing this game is a safer way of expressing it. Plus, its an entertaining game. Angry Boss is a ragdoll office brawler.

While this game does not teach much about business or financial, it can be used to teach youngsters about competition, workplace politics, office problems, teamwork, and constructive conflict resolution skills.

Wind and Solar

Wind And Solar is a completely free idle game about renewable energy in which players position windmills and solar panels to maximize energy production. It's merely your job to catch the breeze and absorb the sun's beams in order to light up as many households you can.

Farm Town

Farm Town is a game in which the player manages a virtual farm, complete with the ability to grow crops, tend to animals, build infrastructure, and maximize profits. You can develop your farm by tapping on on-screen objects to perform actions and advance levels.

Plunge into the rural settings of Farm Town and tend to your livestock to get goods like eggs and milk. In addition, you can increase the storage capacity of your buildings as you level them up.

Earnings can be spent on upgrades to your farm's infrastructure and other improvements as the game progresses. However, keep in mind that regular upkeep is essential if you want your farm to continue generating income.

This is a fantastic game for both kids and adults. In addition, the controls are intuitive, and the action is straightforward, letting players focus on developing their farm.