Top Tips for a Relaxing Holiday in Sri Lanka


Are you looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, where you can lounge on sandy beaches, take in stunning views with each turn of your head and experience the warm hospitality of locals? Then Sri Lanka should be next on your list.


With its fascinating culture, lush greenery and pristine sands, a holiday to Sri Lanka promises to rejuvenate you as it captures your heart. Here are some top tips to help make sure that your dream getaway becomes a reality.

Get to know Sri Lanka's unique culture and history

This small island country boasts a rich and diverse cultural heritage that is a fascinating blend of indigenous traditions, colonial influences, and Eastern and Western customs. From its ancient Buddhist temples and ruins to its colonial-era forts, Sri Lanka is a kaleidoscope of cultural and historical wonders.


On top of Sigiriya Rock

The country is also known for its vibrant festivals and colourful celebrations, which offer a glimpse into its vibrant way of life. Make sure to check out if any festivals are occurring whilst you’ll be there – attending one will really bring your trip to life and make it special.

Visit the beautiful beaches

Going to the beach is a quintessential holiday activity. Many of us love to relax on the sand with a good book and cold drink in hand, topping up our tans – in fact, this is all some people want to do on their perfect break. If this sounds like you, you’re in for a treat in Sri Lanka, which is full of paradisiacal beaches, and offers temperatures ranging from 29-30 year-round.


One of the most popular beaches is Mirissa Beach, located on the southern coast of the island. It's the perfect spot for surfing, sunbathing, and snorkelling. Additionally, Unawatuna Beach, with its palm trees and laid back atmosphere, is another must-see area. The colourful coral reefs underwater are a beautiful and unforgettable sight.


For those who want to escape the crowds, Hiriketiya Beach in Dickwella is the perfect destination. With its stunning bay and turquoise water, it's easy to see why it's regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.

Take advantage of the country's rich biodiversity

Ever wanted to see leopards and elephants in the wild? Or visit a sacred cave? You’re in luck – Sri Lanka offers both of these amazing experiences. It boasts 22 national parks, all with their own unique flora and fauna, meaning that you can easily while away a few days in these beautiful, wild spaces. In fact, Sri Lanka is known for being one the best places in Africa to spot wildlife.


History, culture and biodiversity

When exploring national parks, it’s important to remain safe and respectful. You are entering an animal’s home – it isn’t man-made. Remember to book any tours with a reputable, ethical guide, and leave no trace of your visit behind.

Come back rested and refreshed!

No matter what you decide to put on your Sri Lanka itinerary, you’re sure to come home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Thanks to the wonderful climate, friendly people and stunning nature, Sri Lanka is a must-visit destination that can give everybody the time out they need from their busy lives.