Inside the World's First Flying Casino on a Custom Boeing 777


The world of flying these days can be highly luxurious, with business and first-class seats offering a highly pleasant experience. However, the full potential of flying still needs to be explored, and one way to enhance a journey would be the addition of a casino to a custom Boeing 777. From exquisite dining and unrivaled exclusivity, coupled with a wide array of games and special offers, it is surely only a matter of time before a flying casino becomes a reality.

Easily Accessible Online Casinos

There are many perks to playing at the best slots casinos in Canada, not least of which is that these online gaming platforms can be accessed from just about anywhere. There's no travel time involved, no need to worry about traffic or a snowstorm getting in the way, and no opening hours that can curtail an enjoyable gaming session. Online casinos also come with no deposit offers for CA slot fans, which provide the opportunity to try and win real money without risking any. These deals usually come with a withdrawal cap (maximum amount of winnings) and a wagering requirement (minimum required total wagers before withdrawal). Still, they are nevertheless a great way to bet as the only outcomes are profits or losing nothing. The ready accessibility of online casinos is one of their major selling points, and the concept of combining casino games with a custom Boeing 777 adds a whole new meaning to in-flight entertainment.

Exquisite Dining

While gaming is the first thing one links with a casino, the foremost brick-and-mortar establishments these days offer far more than slots and table games. In addition to an assortment of betting entertainment, real world casinos often have a diverse selection of first-class dining featuring culinary styles from around the world. Religious and ethical dietary requirements are also considered, providing casino-goers with delicious vegan and vegetarian options, among others, while still catering to more omnivorous appetites. On a long flight, meals are essential, so why not go all out for premium cuisine? There are few finer ways to cap a profitable gaming experience or to cheer oneself up if Lady Luck has been withholding her favors. And the size of the Boeing 777 makes it the perfect pick for housing extra facilities, especially as it's specifically intended for long-haul travel.

Special Casino Deals and Promotions

Just as online casinos provide players with free slots bonuses, so do real world establishments offer special deals such as loyalty clubs, free bets, etc. This dovetails perfectly with the approach already taken by airlines when passengers are rewarded with air miles that can be redeemed in various ways. Bonuses at a casino in a plane could include free or discounted flights, for example, or no deposit deals that enable newcomers to bet to try and win real cash without the risk of losing anything at all. This would also be the ideal way for a new player to discover whether the casino is for them, with no stress whatsoever.

Making the Most of Technology

The aviation industry is one sector that has always been keen to adopt new technology, whether that's enhancing safety, making planes more efficient, or making the flying experience more pleasant for passengers. In-flight Wi-Fi is nothing new for air passengers and has been used for years for mundane activities such as checking e-mail, as well as more entertaining things like streaming TV and films. This can include live sports, which would fit neatly with the betting potential of a casino on the plane (as many now offer wagers on sports as standard). It also means that a single casino aboard a custom Boeing 777 could have passengers on the plane as players alongside those on the ground or even on other planes, playing via live streaming. The possibility of marrying real world and online gaming also means that if a slot machine on the plane is occupied, the same game could be played using a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Keeping track of the plane's location has never been easier thanks to GPS technology, and this would be vital for ensuring that the casino gaming activities (and any accompanying alcoholic beverages) are not contrary to the law of the land beneath the plane. Across North America and Europe, this would likely be fine, but the Middle East and China would be rather more restrictive.

Spicing up In-Flight Games

Gaming on a plane is nothing new, including online versions of a Rubik’s Cube or Uno with friends. Wi-Fi on planes has also made classic games such as Ludo and chess accessible while in the air. And with a relaxed view of casino gaming prevalent in many countries, it seems like a natural progression from this is to enable real world casino gaming, as the online version can already be accessed. With land-based casinos improving their offering through live entertainment and great dining and online casinos providing thousands of slots and an ever-increasing array of games, the time has surely come for a casino on a plane. After all, casinos on cruise ships have been around for decades.

Exclusivity, Privacy, and Security

While some casinos are huge affairs that welcome pretty much everyone, some of the swankiest establishments deliberately take a more selective approach to attract a higher class of clientele. A casino on a plane is a great way to achieve this exclusivity and blend it with privacy and security simultaneously. Through limited ticketing (and appropriate prices), there's no way for those not desired at the casino to disrupt the pleasant gaming atmosphere, and the high degree of security present both at airports and on planes lends itself to ensuring a safe playing environment as well.

While the custom Boeing 777 is not yet on the market, a flying casino would be an intriguing, innovative, and engaging way to make a long journey much more entertaining.