Fellow Nomads

Here is a list of other Pinoy Travel Bloggers - theirs is a collection of different set of narratives and images of stunning places, salivating cuisines, interesting cultures, Spanish colonial churches and heritage conservation about the Philippines and other countries as well.

Adaphobic - She's cute and her name is Ada. She love nature and colors as much as she love photographs and traveling. Come with her and discover Philippines.

Adventurous Feet - CA Ramos' blog that was born out of her feet's instincts to walk the long mile into a new place.

Adventures of a Vagabond - Join this Vagabond as he mixes being a technical helpdesk rep and a part time traveler in hopes of helping others find their way also, in the wide and long roads of our world.

Ambot-ah! - Webstream of a Travel Blogger, Nurse, and Photographer who answers by the name Marcos (a.k.a chymera). Winner of the “Best Travel Blog” at the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards Visayas.

Aussie on the Road - Chris is a pure blooded Aussie who revels in the free wheeling lifestyle that the road brings, from endless adventure to shifting jobs abroad just to support his urge to move his feet wherever and whenever he may wants to go next.

Batang Lakwatsero - Ivan the bagets wants to be the Ivan Henares someday and what better way than to start traveling at his young age. He vows to travel to all the regions of the Philippines before embarking on global dominance.

Biyahilo -  Enrico Dee's Ito Ang Trip Ko.

Cheap Travel Promo - Flip Nomad's  other blog for those seeking cheap trills and travel experiences that are light on the pocket but heavy on adventure.

Crazy, Sexy, Fun Traveler - Meet Alexandra, a free spirited woman from Slovakia who has embraced becoming a citizen of the world by bringing her awesome, crazy and sexy self in the many parts of the world.

DabawPinoy - Doc Charles' journal about a Dentist not in search of the perfect tooth, but a perfect life exploring other parts of the country aside from his hometown of Davao.

Dialogue with a Wanderer - Roman Leo Rayman is the man indeed. Check out his travel journals that best describes why a person gets addicted to traveling so much.

Dreams of a Brownman - Mohawk haired and Photographer, Ian Dela Pena shares his dreams and experiences of fulfilling his goal of seeing the world through the eyes of a broken-hearted brown man.

En Route -  a Travel and Photography Blog of Pinoy Backpacker and Adventure Traveler Ferdinand Decena, an award-winning photographer and blogger.

Epic Potato - Is the exploits of a Sarcastic, Wanna-be Backpacker, Mafioso type average girl named Carrie or Lauren depends on her split personality type. One lives on heels but wishes otherwise unless a growth spurt is in the near future. Expect to read about things that implies the writer had severe verbal diarrhea. Please Enjoy!

Eskapo 3.0 -  A blog about Dong Ho's most memorable trips.

Flipnomad -  He's no Ramon Magsaysay, he is an anonymous travel blogger BUT if you are into budget traveling, Flip is your guy!

Flip 'n Travels - Backpacker couple Ron & Monette breaks free from "the monotony of everyday life by traveling and conquering the world one country at a time".

Frameless World - Currently 'roaming South East Asia' Bino is definitely seizing the moment. Follow his travels in his blog that defines the world around him. Frameless and with no boundaries.

GenSan New Online - blog about everything that is happening in General Santos City - the Tuna Capital of the Philippines and where Manny Pacquiao grew up.

Habagat Central - Don’t just see the world, be part of it. Berniemack hopes to someday emanate Ian Wright and Diego Buñuel’s travels.

Happy Philippines - A traveler's cause to bringing smiles everywhere she goes all over the Philippine archipelago.

Hiker's Itch a young orthopedic surgeon (bonedoc) living in the plains of South Central Mindanao. When not cutting bones for living, Doc Bundok write passionately about his outdoor adventures.

Ivan About Town - Ivan Henares travels with a purpose, preserve our heritage. His cause and championing of heritage sites conservation has taken him to all of the 79 provinces in the Philippines.

Inside South East Asia - A one stop reading guide to traveling in and around, understanding cultures and traditions of countries in the South East Asia.

Island Vacations - Have fun in the sun in one of the Philippines' 7,107 islands.

Journeying James -  "spend less, travel more" guaranteed or your coffee on me" - James Betia

Juanderful Pinoy - Chinchan the explorer and wandering Juan writes down his joyous passion of experiencing new things in this blog that ordinary Juan can easily relate to.

Just Wandering - Winner of the Best Travel Blog Award at the 2010 Philippine Travel Blog award. Nina Fuentes credits her love for travel, love for writing. Love for research, love for spreadsheets. Love for blogging, and a love and hate relationship with CSS.

Kakay Adventure -  My Bacolod couchsurfing host Kakay is a full pledge nomad whose been to Europe, Asia and almost all of the Philippines.

Kamukha ko Daw si ShinChan -  The photoblog goes on and on and on for this budding tycoon from Pangasinan who goes by the name Josh Uy.

Lady Globetrotter - Kat loves traveling, meeting interesting people, forming lasting friendships, falling in love, and to live a fulfilling life. I'm into painting & photography, scuba diving, jet skiing, massages,red lipstick, and globetrotting.

Lakas ng Trip - Travel, Food, Sports and Everything in Between. Josiah's blog about his travels, sports activities and even advices how to properly budget your traveling.

Lakbay Abibay - Travel blog of the beautiful Abby Asistio - yes, the awesome singer and one of my biggest crushes. :)

Lakbay Philippines - Travel and tips at your fingertips. Lakbay Diva may keep you guessing his/her gender but one thing is for sure, his/her website has an abundance of travel information.

Lakwatsera de Primera -  Claire is "a teacher, an adventurer, a photographer, a foodie, a nature-lover, a bookworm, a yogilates enthusiast, a nerd, a proud Pinay! and according to her grandmother, a Lakwatsera de Primera.

Lakwatsero - A documentation in stills and narratives of Lakwatsero’s continuous chase of sunsets, waterfalls, pristine beaches, unspoiled dive spots and other adventures.

Lakwatsero Travel Blog -  from a wayward couch potato to a traveller overnight. Jojo Ayson's blog is a testament to not just dreaming of going somewhere but actually going for it.

Langyaw -  Off-the-beaten-path travels of a photographer and multi-awarded blogger, Estan Cabigas

Lawstude's Journey - backpacker Oman, travels with law book on one hand and a camera on the other.

Living in a Backpack -  Join RV Escatron as he travels and sees the world on a shoestring budget.

Mandaragat. Mamumundok. Lagalog - Ren is an explorer of the world, whether its swimming against the current of the seas or trekking mountains, he seizes each second of traveling to the fullest.

Marco Polo - Like the great voyager, Marcus Castle has been to places even his own mother didn't know about. If you find him in Basilan today and Ilocos the next do not be surprised. Just tell his mother.

Manila and Beyond -  Patricia conquers Manila and beyond one step at a time.

Marco's Adventure - Den Marco's dream is to be the modern day Marco Polo, to set forth on a long journey and discover amazing new things as well.

Me and Frenchie - MuiMui and Boris are an American-French couple who left everything they had in San Francisco to travel the globe.  Their blog is a tribute to love & life beyond 9-to-5.

Micamyx -  A travel and personal blog of Dagupena Dreamer Micaela Fransesca T. Rodriguez a.k.a. Micamyx in the blogosphere.

Miss Backpacker - Where have you been lately? asks this pretty miss Backpacker who is fond of cross country trekking sprung up from hastily planned and spontaneous urge of wanderlust.

My Cebu Photo Blog -  Leylander's award winning photo blog about Cebu.

My Itchy Feet -  My former workmate Cha, we both used to work in a cubicle. I remained in a cubicle but Cha went places and worked while traveling. Wanderlust, Nostalgia, Libestraum.

My Island Trek - A site that aims to provide information and tips on budget travel, places to go to, different tourist spots,travel directions, cheap accommodations, and other travel related recommendations through travelogues, photos, and independent, honest reviews.

No Spam, No Virus, No Kidding - Chyng Reyes' Do-It-Yourself Trip, Comfort Food Hunt, Feel Good Blogging only.

Olanology - Olan the "Alimpanaw" welcomes you to his favorite trips plus a lesson in Olanology 101.

Out of Town Blog -  by Melo Villareal, a freelance travel photo-journalist for several local and international travel publications.

Philippine Travelogue - Student by day, traveler the rest. Brenna's online journal of places she discovers as she mix studying inside the classroom and learning also from her travel experiences.

Pinay on the Move - Grace is a Pinay on the move and her mission is to show the world a unique and sometimes funny perspective on how a Filipina approaches the travel and expat lifestyle.

Pinay Travel Junkie -  reportage revolving around Gay Emami, a Filipina backpacker mom’s random ramblings, spontaneous off-the-beaten path explorations, bizarre eats, occasional volun-tourism, life changing reflections, and unconventional baby raising whilst habitually on the road!

Pinas Backpackers - your guide to backpacking in the Philippines.

Pink Tsinelas -  Cai Abass shares her longings for all things pink and traveling.

Pinoy Adventurista -  Pinoy + Travel + Turista = Mervs

Pinoy Boy Journals - Jerik has nothing in this world he would do more than to travel the world.

Pinoy Weekend Warrior - Leland Pasion's passions includes; traveling, running and fulfilling a life in the outdoors.

Possibly Pinay - Mistaken as a Canadian, an American, a French and a Korean (two times) but in reality she's a full blooded pretty Filipina wanderer who answers by the name Eileen.

Project 7107 - Ruth Francisco spearheads this ongoing series of walking tours, countryside backpacking adventures, travel tips, reviews, and photos by local backpackers around the islands.

Pusang Kalye -  Anton's photoblog of travels, events and everything in between.

Roaming Couple - Roaming around the Philippines, one step at a time.

Runaholic - Kassy's blog about running and traveling.

Seeking Felicity - Couchsurfer and long legged Catherine loves to discover a new place, taste new foods and learn new cultures. Join her travels as she seeks her true calling.

Shades of Gray - Elal Jane is a walking heartbreaker in a good way because of her pretty face and zest for the outdoors. Join her as she records her travels around the country and beyond. Maybe she'll bump into you and consider you as "The One"

Slippers and Shades - Leng Castillo's journal of her many travels.

Soccskargen Bloggers - The SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers is the funnest bloggers' circle in Mindanao! Its primary goal is show that SOCCSKSARGEN is a beautiful and fantastic place to be in.

Solitary Wanderer -  A freelance writer dreaming of traveling the world solo.

SoloflightEda travel blog from Cebu and beyond. Edcel will set foot on anything but dung.

Super Tikoy - My competition for "Pinay on the Move's" affection, but all is forgiven since his travel blog is a noteworthy read.

Suroy Pilipinas - Earl Bolivar's "Suroy" originated from the "Cebuano word which means to take a stroll, a leisure walk, to go places or just wander aimlessly."

The Frustrated Traveler - A dotting young mom to 3 year old Gabriel, Tina is in pursuit of fulfilling her dreams of traveling as she sets out a path to explore places she's never been to before.

The Jelly Factory -  Who is working at the factory? Its Jelly no less, mixing travel, food and other fun stuff.

The Longest Way Home - A trailblazer when it comes to both traveling and blogging, Dave has been on the road for the last several years, in search of a place called "home", doing so he keeps on proving that "home" is just a state of mind and it can exists in every corner of this planet.

The Lost Boy Lloyd - A Wandering Wonder Kid from MNL. Professional Jetsetter and Backpacker. Blogger Wannabe. Boyfriend Material. Traveled in a number of cities looking for love.

The Pinay Solo Backpacker - Gael has no home, just pure adventure of the world and culture. She mostly travels solo, but many loves to travel with her (including me).

The Transcendental Tourist - AJ Poliquit's reflections on the road of an introspective traveller.

The Travelling Feet - meet the Doi and read her adventure tales that will take you to places where every set of feet should leave their sole prints.

The Traveling Morion - When not participating in rural development projects, this traveling Morion is seen rummaging places for new people and experiences to savor.

The Traveling Nomad - Former hit crooner Renz, now enjoys a break from singing and is spending time living it up like a nomad. He writes his experiences humming new love songs on the road in this blog.

Tracking Treasure - Darwin searches for treasures not found in jewelry stores and pawnshops, rather those found in places he travels to.

Trails & Lifestyle - follow multi faceted Dave Curada as he set trails all over the Philippines archipelago and beyond.

Travel. Food. Finds - Aileen Siroy's blog about her travels and search for good food, when she's not busy shooting people of beautiful photographs.

Travel Up - Travel writer and photographer Kara Santos' online memory vault of her travels in and out of the Philippines. From walking barefoot in the white golden sands of Ilocos to drinking Zorok beer in Saigon, join her in her adventures.

Tripadora -  Follow the path of Izah Morales as she explores the unexplored. Travel. Live life to the fullest– the adventures and misadventures of Tripadora in the 7,107 islands and the rest of the world.

Crater Trekker - Duni aka Plorwaks, treks volcanoes and bikes freeways while walking the walk and talking the talk of a semi-political activist in search of myriad adventures.

Walk Fly Pinoy - Travel blog of a Filipino international backpacker and travel photography enthusiast exploring Asia and beyond.

Wander If You Must - currently based in a sleepy town in Sudan called Bor, Reiza brings her experiences and weaves it all in interesting narratives worthy of a travel novel.

Wanderlass - Lilianne is a lass who wanders. She began blogging to update family and friends while pseudo-backpacking Europe in 2007. Now it continues to serve as backup memory of her frequent wanderings.

We Are Sole Sisters - Join the Sole Sisters Lois and ChiChi in their adventures. Walk barefoot with us and let’s wrap our arms around the world one trip at a time!

Weekend Haven - Valerie, a self-confessed travel-holic shares her travel chronicles, budget weekend thrills,backpacking adventures and more.

Weekend in Singapore - collection of travel blogs in Asia and beyond.

Wow Surigao - Eveything about Surigao

Non-Travel Blogs but are equally interesting reads:

Aileen Siroy PhotographyAileen Siroy shoots people for a living.

Delectable DeeA dreamer. A fool helplessly in love with words. A love bigot. Silly. Unpredictable. Naive. Perfectly brokern. Impossibly real.

MetalboyKarl Kaufman is a thirty-something father who wants his daughter to grow up liking literature and heavy metal.

Vicky Ras -  AverageEverydaySaintPsychoUltraRunnerSupergoddess.

YediliciousIn Between Bites - Confession of a Food Enthusiast.

Jacqueline Trash - The Queen of Coffee makes fun of her being half-Swiss and half-nuts in her compelling and laugh out loud blog.