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Top 15 Pinoy Travel Blogs

I follow a lot of travel blogs because when I'm not on the road I am by my desk at the office reading stories , taking down notes from my fellow wanderers. I could name at least 50 decent, must-read online travel journals. Cutting the list to 15 is excruciating as If I'm throwing expensive artifacts into the ocean. However, as much as I enjoy following these travel blogs, I also wanted to share their blogs to you. (but, unless you live inside Pasay City Jail, chances are you're a fan of their travel blogs already)

Narratives: (these are the ones whose writing skills makes you wanna hit the road like a jack rabbit, hopping and packing your backpack with only one-gear in mind. GO!. - the prose on these blogs compliments the destinations so much, you start feeling yourself into their narratives)

- RakistangNars
- FlipNomad
- Pinay Travel Junkie

Travel Tips: (Planning a trip? then you must check out these travel blogs with useful information ranging from what-to-do, where-to-go, itineraries, budget and so on. They make travel planning as easy as sleeping on a Sunday morning)

- Pinoy Adventurista
- Lakas ng Trip
- Lakwatsero
- Journeying James
- Pinay Solo Backpacker

Photography: (these travel blogs are exploding with visual feasts. If a photograph speaks a thousand words, their's are rebellious yell)

- Lakad Pilipinas
- Ambot-Ah
- Walk Fly Pinoy

That's my top 15 Pinoy Travel Blogs. Most of them are my friends in real life. Well, they became my friends because they have awesome travel blogs. So, if you're saying I'm biased, then its the other way around.

Notable mentions goes to the forefathers of Pinoy Travel Bloggers: Langyaw, IvanAboutTown, Out of Town Blog and Ironwulf. They paved the way for us new travel bloggers to follow their footsteps (literally - as we often book plane tickets to their last destination - to their mild annoyance), they've been traveling and writing about their experiences as early as the Spanish-American War. Without them, there won't be any of us.



Melo of Outoftownblog.com said...

Excuse me my first blogpost is in Alibata... its still visible inside the Tabon Cave LOL.... thanks Marky for participating in our Poll:)

Francis Balgos said...

A blog post in Alibata?
Thats a first.. hahaha!
Seriously, we are not biting the dust, but these forefathers you mentioned certainly has been around.. Its like smelling the air where they have been a moment ago.
me thinking. I have to join this poll. :)

Reiza said...

Aherm! Thanks for including my blog, Marky. You know the feeling is mutual. Cheers! Reiza

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Thank you Marky for including me on your list! it's an honor to be listed by you... cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

nice site!


Anonymous said...

for photography, pls. check this out:

Pondering Paodaolei said...

haha! :-D

Black Smith said...

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Gretchen Filart Dublin said...

Agree with anonymous commenter. If you consider those 3 blogs a visual feast, Allan Barredo's Lantaw will make you weep :) And also Two2Travel for the easy-as-Sunday narratives and stunning photos! :)

Berneo Alex said...

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sanam arzoo said...

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brokewanderess said...

Awesome post. You guys are such an inspiration. Keep rockin, keep blogging! Cheers!

Mac Valdez said...
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Mac Valdez said...
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Mac Valdez said...

Awesome list

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Pooja said...

Great website and great list

Shy said...

great reference list Marky


Roy Van said...

I think thepoortraveler is a good one too...

Roy Van said...

I also follow those blogs in your list.. :)

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