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Punta De Uian, Zambales

March 26, 2008
Punta De Uian is a beautiful beach resort located in Pundaquit, Zambales. Everything about it expresses tranquility, peace and a majestic setting fit for one’s pursuit of total relaxation and leisure. Nestled in the fine white beaches of Zambales it offers a wonderful view of the ocean and the nearby Capones Island.

Enjoying the beautiful sunset while lying on the beach is an experience one will never forget.
The beachfront is popular for being a turtle habitat, every week there are turtle egg hatching being done in the resort and afterwards the turtles will return to sea only to return for an unspecified time.

Activities are a plenty as well, the resort offers the use of Jet Ski, banana boat and kayaking even up to the nearby Capones Island. Visitors can also rent a boat in Punta De Uian to go to nearby Anawangin another beautiful beachhead part of Zambales but is only accessible by boat.

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It is said all the time that first impressions are very important. Punta De Uian impressed me from the get go as we parked our car and noticed the fresh wind breeze coming from the ocean. It continued to impress me as the helpful and friendly staff entertained us and offered to help us unload our things plus the presence of Punta De Uian’s manager who answers at the name of Guy Morales continues to make sure that everything we needed are being taken care of.

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Punta De Uian offers many choices of room accomodations
Garden view
Moutain view
Single de luxe
Double de luxe
Family Villa
Me and my friends stayed at the Double De Luxe room which is good for 6 people, it was spacious and clean and neatly designed that provides for a cozy stay. Makes you want to stay there forever. The foods are delicious and prepared well by the in house chefs of Punta De Uian. Menu selection was vast that includes both local and foreign cuisines. Other features includes hot and cold shower, cable TV, wi-fi internet connection, karaoke and many more.

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Special thanks to the friendly staff of Punta De Uian headed by Guy Morales, our stay there became a memorable and truly enjoyable experience. for reservations email or visit pundaquit, san antonio zambales

Caliraya Lake

March 09, 2008
I tagged along my friend Don’s family who went and celebrated his sister Myla’s birthday at the Lake Caliraya Resort along with Don’s girlfriend Kathrina. The resort is as the name suggests is located along Caliraya lake in Laguna, it has amenities like accomodations, bar and restaurant, swimming pool, basketball courts, wall for wall climbing and of course the lake where guest can go fishing, go kayaking or just ride a horse all over the vast surroundings of the place.


After having our buffet lunch (900 pesos for the day tour + buffet lunch / pax) we went wall climbing – It’s been a long time since I last gone wall climbing and with the current shape i’m in I was a bit worried that I won’t get far up the wall, but the wall was fairly easy until you reach the inclined angle at the top when my fingers and hands and everything gave up, but Don made a career of giving it a try though hehe, he lost grip at the last minute offering excuses ranging from UFO manipulation to Global warming as the reason why he fell haha.

Ron Kauk? err it's me
Ron Kauk? err it's me
Don was trying to show everybody how it’s done.
Then 20 seconds before he falls down, he insists the Martians made him lose his grip.

That's all on you man, don't see any UFO's above
That's all on you man, don't see any UFO's above
After that we went for a swim, and a few days after that my arms and upper body hurts like punching bag at the wildcard gym of Freddie Roach.

Marimar and Sergio
Marimar and Sergio
Don and Kat then shoved it in me how its going as the third wheel. It was a fun time to enjoy the sunny weather and the cool breeze coming from Caliraya lake with all those trees around you, gives you a lot more reasons to take care of the environment.

But, Don still can’t stop worrying about his failed attempt at the wall, hey man loosen up, we can all try again next time.

Jimmy Hoffa's ghost made me lose my grip - Don
Jimmy Hoffa's ghost made me lose my grip - Don

And if you have some spare cash, you can also rent a jet ski and roll all over mad man style on Caliraya Lake.