Glorious Gwalior Fort Up-Close | Madhya Pradesh, India

April 20, 2021


As I was letting every second of being awed linger gratifyingly, I fixated my thoughts on the massive walls of Gwalior Fort. I started wondering about the stories of resilient kingdoms and bloody battles it conceals. Like peeling off layers of a paint, I survey the colossal architectural grandeur of the 8th century structure before me and briefly imagined being transported in time.

Jeni Cabacungan

If These Waves Rocking our Boat Could Chill for a While | Anguib Beach, Cagayan

April 08, 2021


Prayers often trumps all. Indeed, ours was answered after a day of failed incursion to Callao Cave due to heavy rains. A glimpse of the blue skies appeared. This means our sea voyage to Anguib beach and Palaui Island is greenlighted and thumbs upped by the Coast Guard. Yet, what they say about "Be careful what you wish for", since unbeknownst to us that time, the weather still has a trick up its sleeve to surprise us.

Klara Iska Anonuevo, Kara Santos
Still unaware of what's waiting for us