Petra | Jordan. A rose-red city half as old as time
San Vicente | Palawan. Counting solitary strides.
Taj Mahal | India. A teardrop on the cheek of time
Catanduanes Island. Postcard-pretty slideshow.
Keep Kalm (at Kalanggaman Island | Leyte).
Nikko | Japan. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil in this UNESCO heritage town.
Counting temples in Bagan | Myanmar.
Chasing UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka.
Where to Stay? | Luxury, Backpacking & Glamping
Inaul Festival | Maguindanao. In homage of a weaving tradition
Rishikesh | India. a morning walk inside the Beatle's Ashram

Getting a Dose of Vitamin D and Sea at Malamawi Beach | Basilan

December 28, 2021


Since the Covid-19 pandemic restricted myself from receiving my usual double dose of Vitamin D and Sea, it made my trip to Malamawi Beach two-folds memorable — not to mention visiting the province of Basilan for the first time. As part of Tourism Promotion Board of the Philippines’ Influencers Program aimed at promoting destinations in the Philippines to restart an industry hit hard by the pandemic, I joined other travel writers, bloggers, and vloggers on a trip to Zamboanga Peninsula. After spending a night in Zamboanga City, we boarded a ferry for a 2-hour sea journey to Basilan. Among the places we visited upon arriving was Malamawi Beach.

The clear waters of Malamawi Beach in Basilan
The inviting waters of Malamawi Beach

The Hablon Weaving Renaissance in Salngan, Oton | Iloilo

December 23, 2021


As part of our Habi (weaving), Hilom (wellness) and Halal (cuisine) discovery tour of Panay Island organized by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines (TPB), we visited a small town in the province of Iloilo where more than a century ago, a thriving weaving industry emerged and is now seeing signs of resurgence.

Cristina Morales

A Surreal Moment at the Great Pyramid of Giza | Egypt

November 27, 2021

"Forward! Remember that from these monuments yonder 40 centuries look down upon you", Napoleon Bonaparte declared to his troops as they geared for the Battle of the Pyramids on July 1798. Indeed, the history of the great pyramids goes back to one the earliest civilizations on Earth. This fact made my experience of being there feel more surreal in real life. I remember looking at the pyramids with wide-eye wonder while standing motionless, as I lost myself in a spectacular now kind of moment. There is no better way to cap our Holy Land trip than a chance to see the Great Pyramid of Giza up close.

Marky Ramone Go jumping in front of the pyramid of Giza
Jumping for joy is an understatement

In the Presence of National Living Treasure Apuh Ambalang Ausalin | Basilan

November 10, 2021


It doesn’t happen everyday that I get to wake up in a new and unfamiliar place. Yet here I am stirring into consciousness from a deep slumber in the province of Basilan. A full day has passed since I stepped out of a ferry ship from Zamboanga and shattering my previous misconceptions about this province.

Sophie Gianan, Jomie Naynes, and Levy Amosin watches a Yakan weaver weave her magic
One of Apu Ambalang's Magtetenum (weaver)

Lakbay Norte Highpoints Must-See Places in Nueva Ecija

November 02, 2021


As it enters its 10th year, the #NLEXLakbayNorte continues to promote more tourist destinations in Northern Luzon. However, due to the global pandemic, the usual 5-6 day caravan across several provinces is curtailed to a shorter trip focusing on just one province. This writer of Nomadic Experiences and Out of Town Blog was recently invited to participate in the 2-day familiarization tour of Nueva Ecija. Following IATF-enforced safety protocols, we explored other must-visit places in the province known as the “rice granary of the Philippines”.

Melissa Ferrer looks at the view of Sierra Madre
One of several IG-mable spots in Forest Garden

Philippines’ 1st Stevia Grower Empowers Farmers and Advocates for Diabetes Awareness

November 01, 2021


We rarely come across companies that put advocacy and employee empowerment at the center of their corporate mission, but Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation — GIDC, the Stevia Company, is setting the model. As the first stevia grower and manufacturer in the Philippines, GIDC harvests and markets the Sweet and Fit Stevia, the foremost stevia herbal dietary supplement registered by the Food and Drug Administration in the Philippines, as its main weapon in leading the charge against diabetes.  Grown and harvested in the Philippines exclusively by GIDC, Sweet and Fit Stevia is free of calories, cholesterol, carbohydrates, and has zero glycemic index.

Koryn Iledan
Visitors can enjoy a Stevia leaf picking activity at this 2-hectare Stevia Demo Farm

The Hilltop Cabins of Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm in Nueva Ecija

October 27, 2021


Socially distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of Manila by taking a 3-hour drive to this part of Nueva Ecija where one can wake up to a sea of clouds and the humming of birds. Nestled on the slopes of the Sierra Madre mountains and overlooking the calm waters of Pantabangan lake are a set of cabins that gorgeously blends with the surrounding nature.

Jomie Naynes

Where to eat in Zamboanga City | Curacha Crabs and more at Alavar Seafood Restaurant

October 25, 2021


No visit to Zamboanga City is complete without sampling Alavar Seafood Restaurant's Curacha — a giant deep-sea spanner crab half the size of a human face — drowning with the restaurant’s signature Alavar sauce. Eating it can be both satisfying and messy at the same time. Using your bare hands, crack the shell open to expose the thick and juicy meat inside, then glaze it with Zamboanga’s famous culinary sauce and viola. You’ll be surprised at how many crabs you have licked and sucked clean in the end.

Mishy Co

Where to Eat in Cabanatuan | Dine the Novo Ecijano way in the Rustic Hapag Vicentico's

October 22, 2021


Naka hain na ang pagkain sa hapag kainan”.  Most of us 80's kids will attest that these words are enough to get us running into the dining room from playing games on the street. "Hapag Kainan," is the Tagalog word for "dining table," which is probably the most significant fixture in a Filipino household. It is the place where family members come together to talk about the day's events while enjoying a delicious homecooked meal. 

Jomie Naynes

Where to Eat in Nueva Ecija | Tambayan ni Berto in Colosboa Hills, Cuyapo

October 19, 2021


Mountain bikers and motorcyclists alike are flocking to the rugged hills of Colosboa in Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija. This is because of the terrain's snaking dirt tracks that would delight any two-wheeled rider, as well as the beautiful countryside scenery. However, as the host of a TV shopping show would say, "but wait, there's more". Because Colosboa Hills is also home to a bike and souvenir shop, a rustic bar called Hill's View, and a foodie hangout place called Tambayan ni Berto. 


Melissa Ferrer

Stonehill Farms Ipil: a picturesque road trip stop | Zamboanga Sibugay

September 28, 2021


While in the midst of our culinary exploration of Zamboanga Peninsula and on our way to more Hilom (wellness) and Habi (weaving) discovery, we passed by a province I’ve never been to before: Zamboanga Sibugay. Only a few days removed from ticking Basilan as my 75th province visited in the Philippines, I stare intently outside the window of our van engrossing much scenery wondering if I could check mark it already. However, I have a personal rule that if I don’t stop to either eat or sleep, it doesn’t count. Good thing though—despite having a hearty breakfast already—our group stopped for another round of breakfast at this hilltop property in Ipil called Stonehill Farms.

Marky Ramone Go
Trying to get a closer look of Buluan Island in Sibugey Bay

Lunch Situation at Bulingan Falls | Lamitan City, Basilan

September 25, 2021


A feast of a brunch consisting of mouth-watering Tausug and Sama delicacies on a floating cottage, followed by a beachfront banquet with curacha crabs and other fresh seafood catch, made for one memorable first day in Basilan. It goes without saying that I expected our lunch the next day would be equally fulfilling - and it indeed was.

Alyanna Bromeo swims in Bulingan Falls
The water was murky because of the rain the night before

How La Union’s Woven Baskets Became one of Kultura’s best sellers

September 19, 2021

 La Union woman championing SMEs development, collaborates with SM Kultura to bring opportunity knocking to several communities during the pandemic

After leaving a high-paying job in a HK-based exporting company more than 25 years ago, Helen Rulloda never doubted she was making the right decision. Driven by a strong faith that she’s headed to her path of true calling, she eventually stumbled into a little-known handicraft trade in her home province. Recognizing the beauty of an industry where generation to generation handing down of artisan weaving skills persist, Helen seized the occasion to answer her calling.

Regene Ong
Helen Rulloda

Into the Center of Jain Culture and History of Chanderi | India

August 10, 2021

From where I sit on a balcony of a hilltop hotel, I can see the many monuments built during the era of the Bundelas— a Rajput clan of Central India who lorded over this part of Madhya Pradesh beginning in the 16th century. In that moment I savored the solemnity of finding myself some quiet time in-between our busy media tour. Trailing my eyes from the top of an opposite hill into the rows of houses below, I became perplexed at the sight of jam-packed edifices below.

Feeling the Royal Vibe Inside the City Palace in Udaipur | India

July 17, 2021


As we make our way through the vast Rajasthan desert from Jaipur and Jodphur, the golden-colored terrain seems as familiar as the blue skies above. The contrast of colors in this part of India added an extra layer of visual interest to our journey. We have also developed a routine which includes bazaar hopping, street food exploration, and stepping inside centuries-old palaces and giant forts. Nevertheless, my sense of wonder and pursuit of the oddity lit up as we approached the City Palace of Udaipur on foot. Massive in scale and rich in architectural details, I immediately felt a tinge of royal vibe as we enter the 'Badi Pol' (Great Gate) leading to the Palace's first of many courtyards.

Ayi Del Rosario
The Facade of the City Temple looks more like a typical Rajasthan Fort

Visiting Baluarte de San Diego in Intramuros for the First Time | Manila

July 15, 2021


After a visit to the National Museum of Natural History failed to materialize because our online reservation was bumped a couple of hours into late afternoon, my friend Louisa and I decided to just explore Intramuros. This was more than a year into the pandemic and certain restrictions are still in place when visiting establishments such as museums.

Celine Arenillo

The Best Places to Vacation On The East Coast

July 10, 2021


Aside from the hustle and bustle that New York City has to offer, there are many other places on the East Coast that are perfect vacation spots. For deserted, white sand beaches, to mountainous cities with trails that go for miles, the options are endless. With so many wonderful places to see and experience it is hard to choose where to visit. But don’t fret, that is where we come in. We love exploring and finding the best nooks and cranines to visit. So here are a few of our favorite places to visit on the Southern East Coast.

Palm Beach, Florida. Photo credit: WikiCommons

Dead Sea Floating | Israel

June 09, 2021


I can’t remember how young I am when I first learned about the Dead Sea. I recall having a sense of dread about its name. “Do you die when you swim in that sea?” I recall asking my older brother. His explanation escaped my interest that time as I remain fixated at its morbid reputation. As I grow older, it occupied the top-tier of my mental bucket list of places I desire to tick off one by one. Therefore, when I was assigned to join a Holy Land trip for a travel writing gig and saw our itinerary; two places other than the Walled City of Jerusalem stood out to me: the Petra in Jordan and the Dead Sea.

Marky Ramone Go_Sandra Santiago

Kuang Si Waterfall Side-trip with Tiger Trail | Laos

May 19, 2021


After several days of exploring the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang, the lure of the great outdoors took me 30 kilometers south to the town of Long Lao—the home of the Hmong indigenous people of Indochina. Accompanied by three other staff of Tiger Trail Adventure, our truck set off under the misty fog of the early morning. After an hour of driving through small settlements and along a long stretch of rough road, we reached the trekking jump-point to Kuang Si Falls under a still gloomy sky.

Sophie Gianan

Glorious Gwalior Fort Up-Close | Madhya Pradesh, India

April 20, 2021


As I was letting every second of being awed linger gratifyingly, I fixated my thoughts on the massive walls of Gwalior Fort. I started wondering about the stories of resilient kingdoms and bloody battles it conceals. Like peeling off layers of a paint, I survey the colossal architectural grandeur of the 8th century structure before me and briefly imagined being transported in time.

Jeni Cabacungan

If These Waves Rocking our Boat Could Chill for a While | Anguib Beach, Cagayan

April 08, 2021


Prayers often trumps all. Indeed, ours was answered after a day of failed incursion to Callao Cave due to heavy rains. A glimpse of the blue skies appeared. This means our sea voyage to Anguib beach and Palaui Island is greenlighted and thumbs upped by the Coast Guard. Yet, what they say about "Be careful what you wish for", since unbeknownst to us that time, the weather still has a trick up its sleeve to surprise us.

Klara Iska Anonuevo, Kara Santos
Still unaware of what's waiting for us

The Haunting at Old Diplomat Hotel | Baguio

March 27, 2021


Standing outside the fog-covered ruins of the Old Diplomat Hotel, I find the eerie vibe hard to ignore, as I picture a cinematic vision of a sequel to The Haunting of Hill House and of Bly Manor. For all its paranormal tales of housing wandering spirits, the history of this rundown charming architectural remains, provides a fascinating backdrop to any 8-episode horror series.

Ayi Del Rosario

Getting to Know Padre Burgos in Time of Covid | Quezon

March 04, 2021


During this pandemic, I was fortunate to sandwiched far in between my self-imposed lockdown at home, a few working trips that strictly followed safety protocols, to the Cordillera highlands, the organic farms in Quezon and the picturesque Lake Lumot in Cavinti, Laguna. The only thing missing was a socially-distanced jaunt to the beach. Just when I was starting to wonder if I’ve to wait for this damn pandemic to end before I could dip my toes again in the ocean, a travel writing assignment arrived on my inbox.

Sara Abdollahi

Nature & Chill at Glamping, Etc. in Cavinti | Laguna

February 14, 2021

After spending much of the Covid-ravaged year socially distancing myself from other people and the great outdoors, I welcomed the spontaneity to experience nature once again when I received an invitation from an old friend. “Hi Marky, are you free this Sunday to Tuesday?” Jackie wrote to me on messenger. “I’m going to Cavinti. I was going solo, but the place is kind off the grid so maybe I shouldn't go alone. Would you like to come?” she wrote on a follow-up message that reached my inbox just as I was about to reply “Yes”—even without knowing the details yet. 

Sandra Santiago

A Cycling Tour and a Kababayan Encounter in Mandalay | Myanmar

February 02, 2021


Mandalay was a place I regretted not seeing during my first visit to Myanmar in 2013 with friends. Things were different during my return trip in 2016, when additional days worked on my side. After almost a week of exploring the vast plains of Bagan aboard an e-motorcycle, I made the half day land trip to the former royal capital of Myanmar.

Dizzy and tired from the sleeper bus journey, I relaxed for a few minutes at my fine accommodation—the Hotel by the Red Canal—before setting out to explore the food scene of the city.

Koryn Iledan

The Blooming Organic Farms in CALABARZON

January 11, 2021


A couple of months removed from a travel writing assignment covering the vegetable farms of Cordillera, another opportunity to visit more agricultural destinations came to my inbox from the Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Training Institute (ATI). It was to join their first regional bloggers/vloggers event that aims to promote Organic Agriculture in the CaLaBarZon region (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon).


Valerie Faye Bautista

Traveling Long-Term to New York? Here’s a Guide to Finding the Right Apartment

January 10, 2021


Call it the Big Apple or the city that never sleeps, to most, New York City is a place that belongs in every bucket list. I would imagine fellow travelers visiting New York and staying for weeks and even months. However, as one of the most expensive cities in the world, staying in hotels or even hostels will put a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is recommendable for wanderers wanting to immerse in the local culture, culinary delights and art scenes of New York to stay in an apartment.

Karla Ramos

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Philippines

January 06, 2021


The Philippines is easy to fall in love with because of its stunning natural beauty and genuinely nice people. Most visitors mistakenly believe that the Philippines is only about beaches, but there is much more. And, just as you'll fall in love with all you see here, you'll fall in love with the values of everyone you meet and the delectable cuisines they offer.

Monnette Santillan

Ways to Live Debt-Free and Save up for your Retirement Fund

January 06, 2021


Other than spending our money wisely—which is something hard to maintain—there are other ways on how we can live a debt-free life while at the same time filling our piggy banks. After all the hours we’ve worked on our respective jobs, we deserve to plan something special at the latter years of our life. Well, good thing is, we don’t have to wait for long because if we plan our finances properly and strategize our spending and make saving a habitual thing, we can retire as early as in our 30’s and live with more time to experience all the things we love such as traveling.

Leap out from the grasp of debt

5 Philippine Festivals Held at the Beach

January 04, 2021


The Philippines is rich in festivals, heritage sites, delicious food, and beach resorts. These elements continue to attract tourists to visit and relish the beauty and culture of the Philippines. Of course, traveling all 7,640 islands to experience every cuisine, festival, and beach resort is an impossible task. But did you know you can enjoy Philippine festivals held on the beach?

Sophie Gianan
Iloilo's Dinagyang Festival is set in the streets of Iloilo. Wonder how a festival set in a beach would look like? Read below. 

Flight Delayed by Hours? Online Solitaire and Card games are here to speed up waiting time

January 03, 2021


Traveling isn’t always all adrenaline highs as sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a wanderer purgatory able to do nothing. These are the moments when we’re waiting for a delayed flight or in the middle of a long bus or train rides. While I always prefer reading a book (mostly travel books) to get by these boring moments, I have discovered that playing simple, yet entertaining online card games provides an added entertainment value that help me deal with the so-called travel down-times.