Romping Stomping Inside Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur, India

May 21, 2017

I first saw Mehrangarh Fort as the imposing thick walled fortress at the backdrop of the scene in the film “The Dark Knight Rises”. As one of the build-up parts to the climax of this classic film; Bruce Wayne is seen escaping from the pits of his imprisonment – finally ascending out of a hole from the ground. The thrilling high of that moment is made more spectacular by the presence of a magnificent mountain lustrous with sun rays and where the impressive fort stands solidly and undaunted by the passage of time.

The view of the Blue City

WTTC Global Summit | How Travel Can Transform our World

May 16, 2017

Travel industry leaders, tourism ministers from other countries and conservation groups, journalists and representatives from the World Economic Forum, as well as former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, gathered together at the 17th World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Global Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 26 and 27. Far-ranging issues that touched upon the area of sustainability, freedom to travel, the future of the industry and Asean tourism, among others, were thoroughly conversed through discussion panels and intimate “meet the experts” sessions.

Bangkok, Thailand, the site of the 17th World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit.

Where to Stay | Chiang Mai, Thailand | Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

May 15, 2017

Unmistakably, one instantly feels the throwback vibe Na Nirand bestows upon its guest. Upon our enthusiastic probing for details, we were eventually told by the manager that the various style of residences in the property, incorporates a classic northern Thai architecture called Lanna. This style involves a specific design scheme composed mostly of wooden houses built on stilts, and characterized by a spacious veranda and a ‘galae’ component in the roof – styled in V-shape form attached to the beams.

Jamie Fournier

7 Reasons Why Traveloka App help travelers travel on a budget

May 10, 2017

In this age of travel when technology allows us to have instant access to information, it is still important not to fall prey to phony travel apps that promises the moon and all – but delivers failingly. This is the reason why I was so very methodical in my selection of what travel app I install on my phone. Even then, I still ended up having to use a couple of travel apps – something I found time consuming, so imagine my delight at discovering Traveloka through a series of strong word-of-mouth recommendations from my wanderer friends.

Easy and user-friendly interface

Retracing the last 10 kilometers of the Bataan Death March

May 02, 2017

It was 4 a.m. when we arrived at the converging place. I instantly felt the cool morning air starting to diminish as the hour inches its way to sunrise. Members of the Philippine Armed Forces, war veterans, their families, sociocivic groups, government employees, Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) members and volunteers quickly filled the grounds of People’s Park in Tarlac. While the revving engines of military AUVs and footsteps of army boots sound off, a familiar and respected figure took to the stage and was handed a microphone to address the crowd.

The Capas Shrine honoring our courageous WWII veterans

I’M Hotel: A High-Rise and Stylish Accommodation in Poblacion, Makati

May 01, 2017

The Poblacion District of Makati is quickly shredding the infamous red light reputation. Thanks to a fast growing number of trendy bars, quirky cafes and a roster of restaurants serving various global cuisine, Poblacion has become a mini traveler’s hub in Makati. Coupled with this development are the existence of hip budget hostels and classy accommodations ranging from 2 star to 5-star hotels.

One of the leading 5-star hotels in the area is the towering 24-storey I’M Hotel standing at the corner of Makati and Kalayaan Avenue.