The 11th Regional Travel Fair’s 110 Million Sales Signals that “Travel is back, alright”

July 29, 2023


The 11th Regional Travel Fair held this year in Cebu has put to rest any doubts about the current state of tourism in the country. It surpassed pre-pandemic sales, indicating a strong recovery in the travel sector.  The event lasted for three days, from July 21-23, 2023, and was held at SM Seaside Cebu City. During this time, more than 70 exhibitors, including travel agencies, hospitality brands, provincial tourism offices, and attendees seeking affordable and high-quality holiday packages and other tourism-related services, generated a total of 110 million pesos in actual and negotiated sales.

Krisa Alcoriza

Cebu’s Casa Gorordo Museum Tells the Magnificent Good Ole Days

July 29, 2023


There's something special about historic residences that have kept their elegance over the years, or in the case of Casa Gorordo, decades. The lower floor of this ancestral property not only preserved its basic architectural form intact, it also serves as a museum housing antiques from the glory days of Cebu's Parian neighborhood, where it is located.

Marese Secades
A lovely garden welcomes visitors to Casa Gorordo

Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort: A Taste of Leisure, Sense of Adventure and Dose of History | Cebu

July 10, 2023


As I pace the rhythm of my steps, having stumbled into a serene trail that ultimately led me to a breathtaking panorama of the sun-kissed shores adorning the island’s eastern flank, my attention is abruptly arrested by a signpost bearing the inscription "Baluarte (watchtower) 250 meters."

Armi Valdez
View of the island’s eastern side from a hiking trail leading to the watchtower

The Learning Lab Weaves Mother Empowerment into Stunning Creations

July 08, 2023


In a country where memes associate community mothers with marites culture, a pun on the phrase "mare, anu latest?" when neighbours catch up on each other with up-to-date news and communal gossip, we frequently overlook that if given the opportunity to thrive on something else, these same mothers can instead weave a different kind of narrative; one that is full of inspiration, empowerment, artistry and craftmanship.

Alyana Bromeo
Learning Lab founder Moha Barakat and the mother weavers

Naelah Alshorbaji Opens up About the Revolving Doors of Fate and the Commonalities of Her Syrian and Filipino Roots

July 08, 2023


Watching Naelah Alshorbaji effortlessly charm the camera with her graceful presence and natural movements, one would believe everything is fine and dandy in her life at that moment. Unbeknownst to the team working on her cover shoot, the 2021 Miss Earth Philippines was carrying an immense weight in her heart.

Sofia’s Lake Resort: A Quiet and Wonderful Nature Escape Not Far From Manila | Cavinti, Laguna

July 04, 2023


It’s about time that you reward your hard work by going on a nature escape with your loved ones at some posh hideaway that ticks all the boxes for a leisurely getaway. Get up close and personal with Mother Nature by communing with the picturesque Lake Lumot and engaging on a variety of water activities during the day, then embrace quaintness beneath the stars before capping the night with a soothing massage and a rejuvenating Kawa hot bath come. Exciting activities and moments of tranquilly abound in this outdoor oasis, which provides excellent value for every peso spent.

Eileen Campos
This article first appeared on Spot PH