Local Products Perfect as Christmas Gift This Holiday Season

November 30, 2018

It’s the thought that counts” as the old saying goes whenever we give and receive gifts from our family and friends during the holiday season. This however, doesn’t mean we would just slack off when choosing the gifts we will buy for our love ones. Because, out there beyond the reaches of the usual giant malls, are awesome items being sold online by various groups of people and communities all over the country. These are local products that are not popular yet as a gift idea – but appears to be the perfect ones to give out this Christmas season.


Shopping & Food Exploration at Ratchada Train Night Market | Bangkok, Thailand

November 01, 2018


Taking over the place of an abandoned railway station in the Chatuchack district of Bangkok, the Ratchada Train Market spreads out on an open-air field dotted with colorful tents selling the top of the pops of Thailand's street food culture, along with clothing items and an endless array of fascinating trinkets to fill up your suitcase — or if you're like me, your backpack.

Melissa Ferrer