Local Products Perfect as Christmas Gift This Holiday Season

November 30, 2018

It’s the thought that counts” as the old saying goes whenever we give and receive gifts from our family and friends during the holiday season. This however, doesn’t mean we would just slack off when choosing the gifts we will buy for our love ones. Because, out there beyond the reaches of the usual giant malls, are awesome items being sold online by various groups of people and communities all over the country. These are local products that are not popular yet as a gift idea – but appears to be the perfect ones to give out this Christmas season.

Where to Go When Visiting Mykonos

November 18, 2018

Mykonos in the last decades has been one of the most famous worldwide destinations with a big variety of 5-star Hotels and impeccable Mykonos villas for rent which can assure you a unique staying experience. After choosing your ideal type of accommodation, the following are the best options for entertainment spending lovely moments in Mykonos’s vivid day life and nightlife. From the busy area of Gialos to the unique beauty of Little Venice, Mykonos Town boasts quality hangouts for all tastes and hours of the day, with special surprises. 

Bandung, Indonesia | Tracking Nature Prints of Volcanoes and Heritage Trails

November 05, 2018

“I come with the rain,” I muttered to myself while I watched the last sheen of daylight give way to dark clouds, casting over the countryside and heading to Bandung. I spent the three-hour train ride from Jakarta uneventfully fighting off sleep, and I opted to stare at the passing lush scenery as much as I can.