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Marky Ramone Go is an avid traveler, writer and photographer. He narrates his travel experiences on his travel blog. When not traveling and taking photographs, he hangs out with his friends at Cool Beans Cafe in Quezon City-talking about gore movies, true crimes and how to eradicate the so-called 'hipsters' of our generation. He only dance to the Clash's "Guns of Brixton". He also contributes articles for a number of travel magazines.

About This Blog

A lot of people have asked me these questions: When did I started traveling? How did I came up with a travel blog?

I have been blogging since 2003 at the now almost abandoned "Multiply" social networking site. Most of my blog entries then, are about my personal experiences, with topics ranging from a break-up, a hook-up, a liempo snatching and a sudden attack of LBM in a Chowking branch. It was mostly the unusual and interesting (and gross) episodes of my everyday life. Until I figured years later that, one will never ran out of stories to tell when traveling. It was then that I branched out to "Travel Blogging". 

I started writing "Nomadic Experiences" in 2007 as a medium to narrate my experiences of traveling. At that time I just had my very first chance of embarking on a trip to another country. My brother took me along with him on a short trip to Kuala Lumpur in April and about a month later, he tagged me along to Singapore.

I enjoyed the experience so much that it re-ignited my desire to travel. Back in college I was a member of the Mountaineering Club in UST and I vividly recalled how I'm more excited with where we're going to hike next than attending my own class. After college I was briefly consumed by work (for about 5 years), being a corporate slave has its ups and downs. Yes, you get to be paid with a bi-monthly salary, but in the process you end up trapped in that kind of daily routine, which in my case, took a toll on my sanity.

As it happened to me. By 2007 after the back to back trip to Malaysia and Singapore I said to myself that I will find time to travel as Hunter S. Thompson would say "for good or for ill"I admit the temptation of traveling abroad is far too much to deny (and expensive). However I realized that before I set out to see the rest of the world, I need to explore my own beautiful country first.

"Nomadic Experiences" at that time was born, out of my sheer wanderlust and with time on my side, an itchy feet and countless friends to travel with, supplemented by a country that does not ran out of beautiful places to go. I set out to greater lengths in terms of seeing my own native land.

Not soon enough, I found myself on a long 14 hour bus ride to Benguet, sleeping on domestic airport lobby, eagerly awaiting my flight to far away provinces and forever looking and planning for my next trip as soon as I arrived home from a long journey.

Traveling around the Philippines have taught me a lot of things, opened my eyes to things previously unknown to me. I met wonderful and gregarious people who embraces socializing with strangers from other places.

I'm not an authority to write about traveling, that's why this blog mostly consists of short narratives and images of what it's like being there and not here. I only want to share the places I've been fortunate enough to thread my feet and frolic around with enormous wonder. 

Presently, there are still many places on my list and everyday I find myself commuting back and forth from work, these places remains at the back of my mind and eventually gives me the motivation to stroll along the crowds, on tiny squares and marketplaces and of crowded city trains. To hum along songs of freedom knowing that one of these days I will set out on yet another journey.

Traveling always gives me something to look forward to. I'm glad I have found a passion that I really like and I'm hoping that somewhere out there, a reader of this blog might somehow discover his/her own. 

Email: markyramone@nomadicexperiences.com
Skype: marky.go
mobile: 0998-553-7927

This "About Me" page is my entry to the July 2012 edition of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival: "The Journey That Made Us a Travel Blogger" complied by Edmar Gu-Quibb of EDMARATION: Town Explorer.

To check out previous "Blog Carnivals", a list is found here.


Andy Tejada said...

I guess we share the same philosophy that before you visit other countries, why not explore your own first :-)

your blog is interesting.. I'm an instant fan!

I hope I could also post my stories and pictures from my travels in my blog ASAP! Dami ko nang backlog!!!

I'll see you around! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Anonymous said...

I've seen your travels and it makes me say WOW..I guess we share the same passion but for me i just recently discovered it.I was planning to travel a lot this year and my target was my own country "PHILIPPINES"..I read your blogs and it made me more determined to explore our own country and hopefully other can do the same...

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aldo said...


I work with the cheapoair travel blog (cheapoair.wordpress.com) and we're interested in having you guest blog for us.

Please contact me if you're interested.



Jepoi said...

Wow!!! Great great blog!

The Philippines is one amazing country...

Our tourism infrastructures need development though.

:) Good luck



Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my travel blog, too. We should try to cover some places together some time.

flipnomad said...

lucky that u've found your passion :-)

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

i wish we don't have to work, and some billionaire will sponsor our 1 year trip around the world! Cheers fellow travel blogger!

Chasing Philippines said...

agree ako sayo jan pinoy boy! :))

Earl (Suroy Pilipinas) said...

Marky, I love The Ramones too!

Josiah said...

I agree! The Philippines is a place of almost unlimited beautiful places to go. Great post Marky. :)

Laurence said...

Marky, I hope you had a great time here in SocSarGen. Come back to Gensan anytime, just give me a buzz and i'll assist you in any way I can. It was a pleasure knowing and talking to you. I can't wait for your post on your experience here. God Bless!

Tina said...

Nice blog! :) I feel the same, it's like when I have a planned travel, it keeps me going because I have something to look forward! :)

Nomad said...

very inspiring. I've been wanting to make my own blog too, but doesn't know how to start. hahaha

More power'


jasz said...

Hello sir, this is me.. Jasz ;) thanks for the inspiration. Now, i just started my own blog too. I hope you could give some tips. Please visit mine. jazzchillax.blogspot.com

Thank you very much. more power <3

PinasBackpackers said...

hi marky,

can we exchange links... I had added you to my blogroll... What a wonderful travel jounal/article/blogpost...

arze - pinasbackpackers
Your Travel Guide in the Philippines

Markyramone said...

sure I'll include yours on mine.

Anonymous said...

In the life of a corporate worker, how do you find time to travel? Won't most of your days be typically consumed with office-work?

Markyramone said...

I just used my VL's and SL's wisely. Plus I take advantage of long weekends.

Pinay Thrillseeker said...

Aww, this just makes me like you on Facebook thousands of times more.:) Cheers to your travels and your blog, I know you'll be able to sponsor that Guatemala trip someday. :D

EDMARATION #TownExplorer said...

Marky, being your reader and a fan even before I started my travel blog, it is an honor that you have joined this month's carnival. It really feels good to learn how it all started... I've been reading your posts since then but ngayon ko lang talaga nabasa yung about me page. hehe. You've been as always, a good writer, doon talaga ako naiimpress much, hehe. Kaya bago ako nag-join ng PTB, pabalik-balik ako sa blog mo para magbasa, hehe.. Until now I am still reading the posts... I am not just visible at the comment section but just here, a silent reader. Thank you so much for joining! And look who's talking, well, it's your fan. :) Cheers for more travels!

Scolex said...

Wow! You have a wonderful blog. I was really amazed the way you narrated your story about Tinuy-an Falls. I was also on my Surigao trip last Aug 17-18, 2012.
I have a lot of stories to tell but I cannot put them into writing. I've been in Tinuy-an Falls, Enchanted River, and Britania for Island hopping.

Jherson Jaya said...

I like your travel blog =)

Arnie Monacillo said...

Likewise. there's no progress if you chose to stay on the same place. Learn to step forward. Experience and Learning new things is never be the same.

**thanks for following my blog sir. #idol

Sole Pendulum said...

Now I know where the story started. It's nice to have known a person named 'Marky' personally. :D

Anonymous said...

kudos. ur blog's neat :) i like to travel myself.. unfortunately, crossing continents nowadays takes about close to a thousand dollars. and thats just the airfare. hehe but anything is possible.. why nots donuts :D

purpleinsomniac said...

I am more inspired to travel more because of travel bloggers like you. Wish i could also write my experiences about travel (they are not so many pa naman)

Just a question? How do you fund your travels?
Thanks and God bless!
Hope I could experience travelling with you soon :) (wish)

Marky Ramone Go said...

Hi thanks for the comment

I just saved enough for travel, and live a very simple existence. :)

Anonymous said...

Marky :D Yara here,! borrow ng tent :( PLEASE

Ace Guevarra said...

Dami talagang magagaling na bloggers ang 'Pinas, keep it up sir!

Adrenaline Romance said...

Ah, the good old Multiply days where we first met, pare. And now, look how far you have gone! Congrats Pare for your travel success! More travels and adventures to come!

eKerala Tourism said...

When are you planning to visit Kerala(India) ?

A. Carbonel Lomibao said...

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