Galapagos Travel Tips: What You Need to Know Before Visiting

January 27, 2022


Visiting Galapagos can be a dream come true! And a bucket-list trip comes with great expectations that need to be fulfilled. Some people picture Galapagos being inhabited by wild creatures and completely desolate. Well, to tell you the truth, it’s much more inhabited than you might think! And stunningly beautiful in every possible way. The islands are full of majesty and mystery in every corner.

Chesca Moreno

Why Manila is a Haven for Digital Nomads

January 11, 2022


The long-term effects of globalization, digitalization, and (perhaps most notably) the COVID pandemic have led to a brave new world of remote working that looks like it could be here to stay. In 2023, there are approximately 35 million self-identified digital nomads worldwide, a substantial increase of around 37% since last year. 

Marky Ramone Go
Work from anywhere, travel anytime

Cultural Heritage of Sikkim | India

January 01, 2022

Sikkim is a renowned state of tourist attraction located in the north-eastern frontier of India. Ever since it enjoyed popularity in the 1930s, Sikkim has been a region that acquired a lot of anthropologic interest.