Asik-Asik Falls’ Sprinkle of Wonder | North Cotabato

March 23, 2023


Even before the two dogs moonlighting as our unofficial hiking guides plodding the muddy trail, paused, and looked back at me, I already figured out what they wanted to tell. Surely if they could talk, I'd hear them tell me, "here we up, look up." Taking cue from their excited body language, I directed my eyes upwards. A massive wall covering the length of my vision revealed an unimpeded view of Asik-Asik Falls.

Marla Espina
Soaking the view before taking a dip

Where to Stay in Albay: Casa Simeon Specialty Accommodations & Dining

March 07, 2023


I was swept up once more into the vintage atmosphere of Casa Simeon, as if my return were a physical embodiment of my manifestation to return here and spend the night rather than merely dining in — which what I only did my first time here. Wasting no time after having a bit of downtime after exploring numerous spots in Albay,  I barefooted across the polished wooden floor of Casa Simeon, gaping at the various architectural marvels and delicate details that set it apart from the more contemporary lodgings.

Seija Jimenez
It was great coming back here