Where to Stay in Albay: Casa Simeon Specialty Accommodations & Dining


I was swept up once more into the vintage atmosphere of Casa Simeon, as if my return were a physical embodiment of my manifestation to return here and spend the night rather than merely dining in — which what I only did my first time here. Wasting no time after having a bit of downtime after exploring numerous spots in Albay,  I barefooted across the polished wooden floor of Casa Simeon, gaping at the various architectural marvels and delicate details that set it apart from the more contemporary lodgings.

Seija Jimenez
It was great coming back here

There's always something special about old houses that have been transformed into a haven for travelers seeking solace. Casa Simeon, in particular, has a long history, beginning as a modest home for Simeon and Beatrice Alpace in the 1920s to miraculously being spared in the aftermath of World War II, after it was abandoned by the couple following a blitz by Japanese forces in the town of Bacacay in Albay.

The library is an automatic Pinterest board peg for a future home

As I already have written on my earlier blog post about Casa Simeon, the property features 9 rooms of Family Room, De Luxe Queen and De Luxe Twin classifications, a second-floor dining room, and a library and coffee shop on the ground floor near the outdoor garden.

On a clear day, one can regale at the panoramic view of Mt. Mayon from this balcony

Today, Casa Simeon is being ran and managed by Enrico Alpace Calleja, the grandson of the Simeon and Beatrice, and his wife Jessica Noelle Wong. The couple also restored the old house and turned it into this current bed and breakfast form in 2018.

Live like folks from the 1920s

"You not only sense the warmth of the wood beneath your feet, you also get a feel of the culture and history of the Philippines", Jessica points out.

My spacious room

The cultural aspect was on full display during my first visit to Casa Simeon. A troupe of performers entertained us with their elegant rendition of the traditional "Sinakiki" dance, a wooing dance with roots in the Albay town of Rapu-Rapu.

Flavorsome Heirloom Recipe and Heritage Vibe

Not only did we get to enjoy the enchantment of staying at a place like Casa Simeon, but the delectable cuisine they served us left us wanting more. According to Jessica, the recipes from Casa Simeon are passed down through the generations with each dish comprising of a backstory. 

Casa Simeon's rustic feel comes with heirloom recipes

They are then enhanced to cater to modern diners' tastes while retaining the traditional flavors of the cuisine.  Just like the feast that Simeon and Beatrice threw for their friends and family in their day, every meal eaten at Casa Simeon is an intimate gathering of family and friends. 

Relax and read a book at the ground floor's library

With a medley of savory plates, chosen by our group from their menu, I went back to my room to cap a wonderful evening with a massage from an on-call therapist. Given to say, I awoke the next day feeling rejuvenated ready to spend another day of traveling around the province. But first, a nice breakfast is in order.

Till next time, Casa Simeon.