Meeting an Art Maestro in Sagay City | Negros Occidental

February 22, 2023


Through the years, I've hung out with a handful of artistic souls, most of whom were around my age or were even younger. Although one time, I’ve caught a glimpse of Kidlat Tahimik at his enchanting Ili Likha Artist Village, which is where gastronomy intertwines with awe-inspiring art installations in Baguio City, as he sat at a neighboring table.

Monica Sanchez
Maestro Nune seems pleased in seeing us visit him

BidiBidi Enterprise and the “Buhimian” Weavers of Buhi | Camarines Sur

February 14, 2023


I first heard of the creations of BidiBidi when I was given an embroidered face mask featuring a beautiful portrait of a woman on one side and a woven pattern on the other. If there's one good thing to come out of the pandemic, it’s the use of fashionable face masks, and the one created by BidiBidi tops all I've worn.

Camarines Sur Travel Guide
One of the women weavers in Buhi showing us a sample work of hers

Cotabato City’s Bangsamoro Museum: A Treasure trove of Historical Artifacts

February 04, 2023


Visiting a museum is another way of learning more about a place, which is why I look forward to stepping into one every time I travel to a new destination. Having been into the biggest museums in the country, such as the National Gallery, the National Museum of Natural History, and other NHCP museums, I taper my expectations when I stumble upon smaller ones.

Moha Barakat
These limestone burial jars wow'ed me immediately