Witnessing the Week-long Bodong Festival Revelry in Kalinga

May 10, 2023

I have this image I play in my mind over and over when I think of Kalinga. Apo Whang Od applying a batok (hand-tapping) traditional tattoo on my arm while I regale at the presence of a Dangal ng Haraya awardee. That is how I envision my first visit to the province of Kalinga would be.

Ting Torres
The street dance competition started around 9am and was done by 11pm

Joining the Capiztahan Revelry in Roxas City | Capiz

May 05, 2023


Contemporary and traditional elements fuse together during Roxas City's Capiztahan Festival. The streets come alive with colorful dances and parades that pay homage to the province's illustrious past and the city’s most notable son. Amidst the celebrations, both residents and tourists enjoy an array of cultures, seafood specialties, and the everlasting joie de vivre the Capiznons are known for.

Levy Amosin
The province of Capiz's folk dances takes centerstage during the Capiztahan