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Monday, November 20, 2017

Counting Secluded Strides in San Vicente’s Long Beach

My step count must have numbered in the hundreds when I paused to survey my surroundings. I saw the fisherman who greeted me earlier as he was fixing his fishing net, appearing like a small dot from far away. I turned my head and saw no one else within yelling distance—except for a couple of dogs who were following me. For a few minutes I sat on a protruding branch of a fallen tree, and just wrapped my mind at the solitary vibe of the spot. I started to wonder how such stunning place remains uncrowded in an afternoon showered with the riveting golden rays of the sun.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Go Hotels Ermita | a Comfortable and Affordable Accommodation in Manila

Living in the province of Bulacan provides me a fresh escape from the bustles of the big city. As much as I appreciate residing off the grid from Manila, there are times that I feel the need to find a place to stay in the Metro. Early morning and red eye flights, attending a party or meeting a group of friends – On each occasion I found myself booking an affordable room at a Go Hotels branch.