Road tripping to Gumasa Beach | Glan, Sarangani

After spending several days in Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, I went back to General Santos for a few nights stay. Taking advantage of my time in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, I met up with July, a friend I first met during my trip with Meaningful Travels PH to Barlig, Mountain Province a few years back.

During our lunch meeting we decided to take a day trip to Gumasa beach in Glan, Sarangani the next day. Unlike our exhausting trip to the mountains before, this time we we’re going to do it in a relaxed manner; windows down, feeling the wind with the music on and rolling off the highway of General Santos.

We started our road trip at 8:00 am the next day. Accompanying us is July’s younger sister who is a champion Taekwondo athlete. Enjoying a break from school and her training, she was all eager-beaver for a chance to spend time under the sun.

We traveled for an hour and a half into the sleepy town of Glan in the province of Sarangani. Here, we drove into the long stretch of Gumasa beach. Upon stepping out of July's car, I immediately regaled at the lengthy shoreline covered white fine sands and edged by crystal clear waters. 

Gumasa beach may appear isolated—and that's a great thing in my book—but come Sarangani Bay Fest or Sarbay Festival, every square meter of this beach becomes a playground to a crowd of beach party-goers. Held annually, this summer festival dishes a festive atmosphere that can only be rivaled by Boracay's #LaBoracay vibe.

Just imagining the scene of Sarbay Festival already overwhelms my introvert self, that’s why the moment we arrived to an empty beach, my wanderlust heart brimmed with delight. “This is a wonderful road trip destination choice” I told July in Tagalog to which she agree. “It’s been a while since we went here” she said to me.

Too bad I didn’t bring any swim wear or any change of clothes otherwise, I would be jumping into the azure-colored waters of the beach in an instant. Right on cue, July’s little sister ran to the sands and started doing a medley of acrobatic moves: somersault, high-kick, cartwheels and more—brandishing a young Cindy Rothrock form. 

We had our lunch at Isla Jardin Del Mar Beach Resort. The property expands to an 800-meter shoreline leading you to short hiking trails and into massive walls of spectacular rock formations.

We spent around three hours just lounging around the beach. With every passing minute I get further tempted by the water. Thankfully, good conversations with July and the shame of sitting on her car with wet clothes had me being content just by staring at the wonderful scenery of Gumasa Beach.

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