Angeles City represents Pampanga's gastronomic tradition in the 2024 World Culinary Awards

July 18, 2024


Despite being politically autonomous from the province of Pampanga, where it is geographically located, Angeles City preserves every bit of Kapampangan culture, tradition, and history, as well as the famed cuisine that has made the province a top foodie destination in the Philippines.

Where to eat in Pampanga
Sumptuous lunch spread at Apag Marangle, 

Samar's Ulot River: This Once Distribution Channel for Illegal Logging is now an Adventure Tourism Site

July 09, 2024


Cutting through the mountains and hillsides of Samar from east to west, the 90-kilometer Ulot River, the longest river in Samar, is a thing of beauty. Surrounded by verdant forest and limestone karsts featuring dramatic rock formations, clear cascading waters stream through a setting that conceals a vast network of cave systems, including the Langun-Gobingob Cave, widely regarded as the biggest in the country and itself, the river once known as a distribution channel for illegal logging has now become an emerging adventure tourism destination.

Yuna Lachica
Group shot at Deni's Point of Ulot River

Blown Away by Romblon’s Underrated Beauty

July 06, 2024


Returning to Romblon with warm recollections of my first visit a decade ago had me on the verge of excitement. Instead of the stomach-churning 12-hour ferry voyage from Batangas, I'm flying with Air Swift this time.

Alexa Pajarillo
The jaw-dropping sand bar of Cresta de Gallo