Scenes from a Weekly Market and a Local Village | Seoni, Madhya Pradesh | India

May 15, 2019

Ask them what their names are”, a father manning a street food stall gently commands her young daughter of not over ten years old. The beaming but shy little girl obliges, “What is your name?” she inquired staring wide-eyed at my friend. “I am Karla and this is Marky and your name is?” answered my ever responsive friend. The young girl smiled before telling us her name “I’m Amara”.

Mishi Magno

Inaul Festival Celebrates Maguindanao’s Traditional Weaving Art

May 05, 2019

“Life is a loom, weaving illusion” [1] and in Mindanao’s storied sundry of woven heritage, a diverse weaving art scattered across the region abounds with dream-like patterns and fascinating backstories. Anecdotes encompassing historical origins and local legends shaped the roots of the various cloth creations of the Dreamweavers’ T’nalak of South Cotabato, the Langkit of Maranao, the Dagmay of the Mandayas, the Tausugs's Habul Tiyahian, the Inabal of Davao del Sur’s Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe, among others—and in this case, ushering a festivity called the Inaul Festival

A Fine Morning of Swimming and Drone-ing at Calatagan Sandbar | Batangas

May 02, 2019


After waking up with a terrible hangover—no thanks to the previous night’s drinking game—to a beautiful moonset and a hearty breakfast by the beach, we hurried up renting a small boat for a side-trip to a nearby sand bar. It appears during low tide a few clicks off the coast of Puting Buhangin and Burot beach. It goes with a couple of other names: Starfish Island and Little Boracay, but I prefer calling it with its simple but apt name of Calatagan Sandbar. The boat trip going here from where we're staying at (Aquaria Waterpark and Crusoe Cabins) takes around half an hour and sails on the ridges of the waters of Verde Island Passage.

Levy Amosin, Mariane Tagaca