Aquaria Waterpark and Crusoe Cabins | A Cool Hidey-hole Beach Destination

Also, a great place to have a fun shindig with friends.

All I could remember from the night before was me crawling to my upper bunk bed inside the cabin I shared with fellow travel bloggers Mujee and Joel. I recalled vomiting violently on the toilet – no thanks, to losing consistently on our little drinking game that got a bit out of hand. Meaning: all us guys ended up wasted on the veranda while the girls stood victorious and the last ones standing, laughing at how squandered we look.

I woke up at the wooden floor of the porch, somehow finding my way back there after I laid down on my bed. Thing is, I found it very comfortable. I loved feeling the cool wind emanating from the open field lush with meadow grass and a thick line of trees at the edge of the resort’s property.

photo credit: Riza Acebuche
If there’s a perfect place to get drunk and wake up with a hangover – I figured the location where Crusoe Cabins situates, is the right place to rouse back to consciousness. 

Throbbing head and all, I staggered to the beach front where I caught sight of a number of different bird species and felt my feet over the cold granules of the sand. I found rest on a bench under a tree blossomed with red leaves. “Can’t really find any fault at this place” I once again told myself.

You see, Crusoe Cabins and its sister property, Aquaria Water Park – both sitting in the same location, screams of an ideal hideaway tucked in the long shoreline of Calatagan Beach in Batangas. It was the second and last morning of our stay there. Suddenly feeling sober, I recalled the many fun moments I shared with my friends which all started the moment we arrived.

First things first, the water slides

We wasted no moment upon our arrival at Aquaria Water Park. After hurrying up with our late lunch and putting our stuff inside our assigned cabins, all ten of us quickly gathered at the pool and took turns sliding at the snaking water slide. Aquaria has a number of pools measuring from 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet. The pool where the main three-story slide slither though is five to six feet deep.

photo credit: Riza Acebuche
Riding on a tandem inflatables, we took turns going up and sliding down to the pool like little kids.

Sunset Chill by the 360 Bar by the Beach

After our swimming session, we ordered some beers, cocktail drinks and sandwiches at the 360 Bar located by the beach, as we waited for the sunset – which directly sinks at the edge of the ocean across the shore of Calatagan. 

Photo credit: Karla Around the World
The afterglow of the sunset created a fiery looking sky reflecting beautifully over the waters. A cue for us to shoot portraits of us against the stunning backdrop.

Photo credit: Mujee Gonzales
Bonfire Sessions Sa Ilalim ng Dilaw na Buwan 

Crusoe Cabins built a small dome structure for bonfire so as not to tamper with the shore elements by the beachfront. After our first night’s dinner, we gathered here under the Super Moon-lit night skies and sound-tripped on a few favorite songs in between humming the overplayed Sa ilalim ng putting ilaw, sa ilalim ng dilaw na buwan song.

Photo credit: Mujee Gonzales
Our bida-bida with a good cause friend Mujee, took out his brand new phone and showed us its camera’s night time capabilities by shooting portraits of each of us.

Chill and Drinks at the Cabins

Crusoe Cabins provides two different cabin locations: the beachfront and the garden view. They have a total of 13 cabins that can accommodate up to 5-6 persons. Each cabin are built in a container van type of space with a small bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. While my other travel blogger friends transferred to a beachfront cabin the next day, I was glad my cabin assignment remained the same.

The cabin's veranda fronting the spacious field of meadow grass became my favorite spot in between our island hopping and swimming activities during the day, as I found the scenery very therapeutic. I even took a nap on the floor enjoying the cool breeze as the resort's resident cat lay beside me.

photo credit: Riza Acebuche
During our first night we gathered at the porch of our cabin for a drinking game. Yeah, the infamous drinking session that got me and a couple of friends lying futile on the floor – and myself sending a few drunk messages to Mariane and a couple of girl friends. 

Sandbar Hopping

Don’t worry, you won’t suffer cabin fever nor boredom while spending more than two days at Crusoe Cabins and Aquaria. There are a few side trip options nearby so you must avail the island hopping tour offered by the resort. Aside from a few snorkeling and dive spots, there’s the magnificent Calatagan sandbar stretching to almost 500 meters that can be visited less than 30 minutes from the shoreline of Calatagan.

Photo credit: Trip ni Marianne
We went here the next day and just enjoyed frolicking under the sun in between strides towards both ends of the sandbar. While my other travel blogger friends video-taped themselves dancing over the fine white sands (for IG story content purposes), I opted to enjoy the crystal clear waters by swimming at the other end. 

You can rent a boat from the resort for 4000 pesos for up to 15 persons, or 400 pesos per person.

Another side-trip destination is the EZ Museum located 10 minutes away by land from Aquaria. EZ Museum houses memorabilia and other interesting historical and cultural items collected by the late Enrique Zobel and his family who all hailed from the town of Calatagan.

Over-all, it was a pleasant experience just hanging out with old and new friends alike in a place I have never explored before. The beaches of Calatagan have plenty to offer and with the remote getaway vibe of Crusoe Cabins and the fun activities you can enjoy at Aquaria Waterpark, you don’t have to find other place to spend a lovely long weekend with your family or friends. 

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