Ancient Cham Ruins at My Son Sanctuary | Vietnam

November 08, 2020



Waking up to a rainy and foggy morning had me entertaining the idea of staying in until lunch curled up on my bed. Appealing the thought may be, the chance to see another UNESCO World Heritage Site reigned over and proved to be enough of a motivation to make me stand up, stretch my hands and face the window announcing to myself “Good Morning Vietnam

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Top Tips for Keeping Healthy While Traveling

November 07, 2020


While traveling can be a great way to find relaxation and get yourself away from the stresses of your daily life, you should never forget to take care of yourself. Since you’ll be far away from your place of comfort, it’ll be harder for you to do the things that keep you healthy like exercising or preparing nutritious foods. With that said, we’ve listed below some tips to help you keep yourself healthy while traveling.

Karla Ramos