Laos | Luang Prabang’s Laid-back Lure and Rich Heritage

September 16, 2018

I remember sitting inside a cramped van negotiating the snaking countryside road of Laos, feeling very excited as I reached my next destination. My high anticipation stems from the desire to unlock the truth behind the prevailing word-of-mouth on Luang Prabang. “The place is so laid-back,” fellow travelers would often rave. As simple as it may be, that description is music to my ears. Throw in the heritage structures and rich culture of the city, my giddiness got the best of me for the rest of my ride.

Day Hike and Dip at Mt. Mamara and Tinipak River | Rizal

September 10, 2018

We were locked up on summiting Mount Daraitan on this beautiful sunny day. However, while fueling up with a hot bowl of lomi at Brgy. Daraitan, a guide from the tourism office suggested Mt. Mamara. “The hike is easier but the view is equally spectacular as in Daraitan” he told us in Tagalog. While I was silently considering his advice, I waited for my friends Christine and Ferdz’ decision if we would take a vote on what mountain to day-hike. There was silence—except for the sound of our slurping—for a few seconds before Christine made a final decision for our group, “Mt. Mamara it is then”.

Marky Ramone Go standing on top of Mt. Mamaru
On top of the 1,200 feet plus Mt. Mamaru

PAL’s Flight to Bangkok got even better with the Tri-Class Airbus A330

September 07, 2018

Philippine Airlines is continuing to step up the quality of service and comfort level of its short haul international flights with the introduction of the Airbus A330. Today, PAL passengers can now enjoy a very convenient 4-hour journey to Bangkok with the help of the cool features of the A330. This Airbus model is normally used by most airlines on long-haul flights that spans at least 8 hour of travel time. By opting to fly this dandy of a state-of-the-art plane on a brief hop to a city like Bangkok, it only show how serious Philippine Airlines when it comes to providing more value for airfare to its passengers.

Thailand | Family-Friendly Destinations in Bangkok

September 05, 2018

Bangkok has been synonymous to shopping, food tripping, temples and the wild night parties – especially at the infamous Khao San Road. Most often than not, parents would leave their kids at home when visiting Bangkok because of fear they will get bored as opposed to traveling to Hong Kong and Tokyo, where the worlds of Disneyland abounds.

Eye-Trick Pony at the 3D Art in Paradise | Bangkok

September 05, 2018

French philosopher Voltaire once said that “illusion is the first of all pleasures”—and one of its finest form is the trickery of our visual sense. Bangkok’s 3D Art in Paradise does just that, through its artworks daubed vividly on the walls and other installations conveying images of a different realm.

Inception, you say?