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The Hablon Weaving Renaissance in Salngan, Oton | Iloilo

February 28, 2022


As part of our Habi (weaving), Hilom (wellness) and Halal (cuisine) discovery tour of Panay Island organized by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines (TPB), we visited a small community in the province of Iloilo where more than a century ago, a thriving weaving industry once existed and became forgotten but is now seeing signs of resurgence.

Cristina Morales

Getting a Dose of Vitamin D and Sea at Malamawi Beach | Basilan

February 21, 2022


Since the Covid-19 pandemic restricted myself from receiving my usual double dose of Vitamin D and Sea, it made my trip to Malamawi Beach two-folds memorable — not to mention visiting the province of Basilan for the first time. As part of Tourism Promotion Board of the Philippines’ Influencers Program aimed at promoting destinations in the Philippines to restart an industry hit hard by the pandemic, I joined other travel writers, bloggers, and vloggers on a trip to Zamboanga Peninsula. After spending a night in Zamboanga City, we boarded a ferry for a 2-hour sea journey to Basilan. Among the places we visited upon arriving was Malamawi Beach.

The clear waters of Malamawi Beach in Basilan
The inviting waters of Malamawi Beach

Where to Stay in Carles, Iloilo | Solina Beach & Nature Resort

February 18, 2022


Despite leaving Iloilo City early in the morning, we arrived at our next accommodation by nightfall already. While travel time is supposed to take only 3-4 hours, we stopped by several interesting places namely; the hablon weaving town of Salngan, the Ati community-run Balay Kape Nagpana and the Silagon Mangrove Eco-park in Ajuy. Not complaining but already feeling exhausted, I planned on getting a quick shower and a power nap before having dinner.

Muffet Sta Maria