Accidental Tourist Buddies in Jakarta

May 30, 2014

Remember the two ladies who made a cameo on my flight-to-Jakarta narrative? well they stayed in the capital of Indonesia while I took a train to Yogyakarta. I thought the story ended there but to my wonderful surprise I bumped into them again a few days later. After spending 4 days at Yogyakarta I went back to Jakarta for the tail-end of my trip and ended up staying at the same hostel as these two lovelies who answers at the name of Tania Gonzales and Carmel So. I was downstairs of the hostel at the lounge working on my laptop when I saw them come down, I almost fell out of my seat and just froze. I heard about them talking about eating in a Korean Restaurant before they walked out the door. 


India Postcard Series: The Taj Kids

May 20, 2014

We were viewing the Taj Mahal from a spot where according to local myth, was the place where the Black Taj was supposed to be built, when these kids eagerly posed and asked us to take some photographs of them. In a heartwarming display of child-like wonder and innocence came a very humbling image of these kids, while living within simple means, could still convey such happiness amidst the background of the ultimate symbol of love - the Taj Mahal.

Murmurs of Awe at Borobudur

May 09, 2014

Anytime you find your way to the world's largest and one of the acclaimed Buddhist temples in the world, you feel like toasting your kismet for bringing you there. Anytime you step foot on a structure built with such creativity and workmanship as far back the 9th century, it certainly rub additional semblance of history in the moment. Borobudur was the primary goal why I ventured into the city of Yogyakarta, to which at the time  I experienced my longest train ride from Jakarta, it has since been on my mind as something I shall see and scratch off the list of must-see places.


India Postcard Series: Arrival at Kolkata

May 03, 2014

Since my writing mojo usually arrives unannounced and at the least expected moment, I can't pinpoint exactly when I can start my India series. However, since I really wanted to share that experience I'm posting here a series of pictures I posted on my Facebook wall. This way, it'll give you an idea of the ground we covered, places we visited and some personal observations I made along the way. This first online postcard was taken at the airport in Kolkata. Finally, after years of wanting to visit the country of India I've made it into a reality, though there were no welcoming party, I must say our first night was spent trying to make up for  lost sleep.

Must Love Spelunking at Lahab Cave, Lights out for Pacquiao

May 02, 2014

Seated among other travel writers inside a van, we advanced further inland of Capiz province. As we passed by the scenic countryside my mind seem to wander towards the fourth fight of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, which at that time was about to happen in a few minutes. I was somehow unexcited about our next destination, a cave called Lahab Cave located at the town of Dumalag - around 45 klicks south of Roxas City. Little do I know that a shocker of a boxing result and a charming cave which exceeded my expectation, awaits me in a few hours.