Nomadic Experiences of 2012: From the Halifax Airport Lounge Until a Long December

December 22, 2012

The year the world is supposed to end is about to end. A year which filled my memory vault almost to a full. Something I will look back in earnest disbelief (and bragging rights) that I've experienced it all in a span of one year. In between the struggles of everyday living, I am proud to sandwich days and nights, in the company of friends and other nameless strangers who've all been a part of my over-all literal and figurative journey. From rushing to pack my backpack, chasing time of departures, hopping from one bus to another, getting starved in the middle of an outstanding scenery, falling in love and then some. 2012 definitely is one for the books.

[Insert Adjectives Here] at Tinago Falls | Iligan City

December 16, 2012

Tinago waterfalls, like a wonder drug, provide a soothing cure for any pounding headache. The flowing water, even from the tiniest cracks in its high-rise wall, appears to wash away all unsavory elements of the world. The cold, crystalline water creates an inviting natural pool surrounded by lush vegetation. Despite men's embarrassing attempt to build unnecessary infrastructures that threaten the waterfall's bareness vibe, the place can still be described in all favorable adjectives.

Waterfalls in the Philippines

Eyeballing Maria Cristina Falls | Iligan City

December 10, 2012

I've heard about Maria Cristina Falls as early when I was still focused on toys and playground noise. Chances are, my Sibika and Kultura teacher haven't been here back then. But, the way she described it while reading from the book, sounded like it was a sight to see. It was one of those moments at school when my mind would travel far and wide beaming with rich imagination. I would paint a picture of the Maria Cristina in my head and wonder if ever matches its real image. I find it fascinating  now that I grew up and was blessed with an opportunity to visit the places I once learned in grade school. 

Lauren Denoga