Spending a Few Sipping Good Days at Munnar’s Tea Country

December 20, 2015

Seated at the front of the official KeralaBlogExpress bus I can already see the spiraling road ahead of us leading to the mountainous region of Munnar. Unmindful of the sensational scenery that lies ahead, I lay my head to rest on the glass window, just as sleep is about to beckon. As the bus revved its engine and struggle to climb the zig-zag road, the fog enveloping the countryside starts to thicken and as if on cue, I looked at Kim, who was seated across me and I saw the scenery outside her window. I found myself relishing the initial cadre of what would become an almost endless stretch of cotton-ball-like appearance – of tea plantation, that starts and ends as far as my eyes can see.

Kerala Blog Express

Postcard Series: River House | Lanuza

December 15, 2015

Will surely miss this view from the balcony of the River House here in Lanuza. When a surfer dude would  ask me "how long you been surfing?" Unashamed, I’d say "five days in Lanuza"

I've a long way to go as surfing isn't just any other sports where you could learn on the fly, a few days, a number of weeks, a couple of months or even a year. No way Jose Aldo! That’s why I hold those talented surfers with high regard because they earned it in the ocean.

George and Izzy Rafols

Following the Yellow Trail at Camp John Hay | Baguio

December 04, 2015

If there's a more beginner-friendly trail than the hiking path to Mount Maculot’s saddle area in Batangas, then Camp John Hay’s Yellow Trail must be it. The 4.7 kilometer trail descends through a tunnel of pine trees before reaching a ridge where the breathtaking Benguet mountain ranges are framed by a sea of clouds. On a brisk pace, one can complete the trail in under an hour and a half.—thanks to an almost even terrain without the extreme upward slopes.