A Bolinao Weekend to Remember | Pangasinan

March 01, 2010

It started with an out of nowhere text message from my former lover candidate demoted to a-friend Sharlyn, asking me if I wanted to go along with her to somewhere, where to? I had no idea, she just said "to the beach". In a country surrounded by beautiful beaches it seems like a stretch just to choose a destination in that moment of spontaneous wanderlust. However, upon considering the time allotted (just 2 days of weekend) and the tight budget I had in my pocket. I thought about Zambales and Pangasinan. Both places were just about 4-5 hours away from Manila and serviceable by many bus firms in the city. In the end, I decided we should just hop in the bus to Bolinao, Pangasinan. With another friend of mine, Lauren joining us, our "menage a trois" roadtrip was on.

Lauren Denoga