The Fine Architecture Seen on the Streets of Mumbai

February 15, 2018

The streets of Mumbai casts a dizzying spell even to this third world traveler who is used to seeing voluminous crowds and long queues of people rushing to and from various errands. It reminded me of our first stop in India; the city of Kolkata where all noises came to us like cannon blasting from all directions, the relentless honking of automobiles and the incessant yell from vendors among dozens of other reverberations, all comprising a mix tape of mother of all audible uproars.

5 Cultural Spots near Metro Manila

February 05, 2018

Contrary to initial belief, the Philippines is a country teeming with culture and heritage often overlooked in favor of our South East Asian neighbors. Thanks to the resurgence of conservation groups and the various programs of the Department of Tourism, culture trips are quickly gaining the attention of travelers. Near Metro Manila alone, one can list down a selection of landmarks and destinations preserving our rich set of culture and traditions. For those looking to bring their balikbayan relatives and friends to a place that best epitomizes the Philippines’ character, check out this partial list of must-see cultural laden places near Metro Manila.

Heritage Houses in Taal Town
Pretty Old Houses in Taal Town, Batangas

24 Hours in Kyoto | Japan

February 02, 2018

The city of Kyoto dishes an opportunity for travelers to explore and learn more about Japan’s rich history, culture and traditions.

A day or two of exploring Kyoto riding the city’s highly effective mass transit system — and to some, pedaling on a bicycle — shall give you the chance to tick off a majority of the city’s 17 World UNESCO Heritage Sites. The Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto encompasses a wealth of knowledge representing Japan’s rich history dating back to the 10th century.