I Kid you Not, Bukidnon is Another Underrated Province

November 11, 2023


There’s only one option when going to Bukidnon from Cagayan de Oro, and that is the scenic route. Knowing about this from earlier visit to the province, I tried my hardest staying awake throughout our ride.  As soon as I saw the mountain ranges leading to the summit of Mount Kitanglad, I knew we were close to breathing the cool air and smelling the fragrant pine trees and the rest of the verdant Bukidnon forest.

Sarah Aldana
The woven works of the Tagolwanen weavers mirrors the vibrant culture of Bukidnon

Sagay City's Eco Destinations Shape Nature Conservation and Community-Based Tourism

November 10, 2023


Negros Occidental is home to another destination held up as an exemplar of ecotourism and community development, much like Danjugan Island in its southern part. Sagay City, perched on the northern tip of the province like an ice cream cone overlooking the Visayan Sea, is home to a number of eco-tourism hotspots that does wonders for both its community members and its natural environment.

Krisma Rodriguez
Carbin Reef

Island Hopping and Seafood Feasting Our Way Through Masbate

November 06, 2023


After getting a glimpse of the province last year when I visited Ticao Island for a couple of days, I immediately regarded Masbate as vastly underrated despite its central geographical location as gateway to Luzon and Visayas. That brief tryst had me making a vow of returning soon. As good fortunes had it, I was able to go back recently for a more extensive journey that took me to the mainland of Masbate, Burias Island and at Ticao once again.

Monina Sanchez
Animasola Island is formed like a fortress with a triangular sandbar